Friday, July 6, 2012

L.L. Bean 10K {Race Recap}

Let me start out by saying I was quite excited for this race. It was my first 10K last year and I was hoping to be able to better my time from a year ago. The girls and I made sparkle skirts for the occasion and my outfit was awesome! 

Running Skirts tank, homemade sparkle, skirt, Zensah calf sleeves, Brooks PureFlows, White Nike hat (not pictured)

Unfortunately, that was about all that was awesome.

Issue #1 - racing mid-week. Who knew that a Wednesday race would so royally screw up my training schedule? I really didn't want to do my long run of 15 miles on Sunday which would have been a personal distance record, but it is really the only day I can fit it in without getting up at 4 AM. And putting off my tempo run (that never happened), meant I hadn't run in a week.

Iissue #2 - lack of hydration. The family and I spent Monday and Tuesday down at the cottage on Long Island, ME relaxing, going to the beach, and all the other fun stuff that goes along with hanging out on the island. I may have had one too many beers and not enough water in the days leading up to the race.

Issue #3 - the flu (or something). Once we got home Tuesday evening I started feeling very rundown, so I headed to bed just after 9. Then I got the chills. I woke up a little after eleven and made an emergency trip to the downstairs bathroom to not wake the boys and checked my temperature - barely a fever. I drank a glass of water and headed back up to bed. Within 10 minutes I got that feeling that I was going to throw up and had to get up NOW! Thankfully, I didn't wake up the boys. Why now is it my time to get sick? I never get sick. Seriously, it's been decades since I was sick like that. I spent the rest of the night restless, seeming to wake up every half hour and wondering how I was supposed to run a race in the morning. I immediately decided to take the pressure off of running fast and if I was feeling okay to just try to have fun.

Issue #4 - running in the heat. I fizzle quickly in the heat regardless and being dehydrated wasn't helping my performance. Thankfully, it was drizzling that seemed to cool it off, but it was still in the 70s and humid. 

I woke up with my alarm at 5:30 and got ready. I knew I needed to eat something since my stomach was completely empty, but couldn't seem to eat anything. I did drink a full bottle (22 oz.) of Nuun, so I was able to get some electrolytes and fluid into me. On the drive to Freeport, I drank another 22 oz. of Nuun and ate a full pack of Power Bar Energy Blasts, trying not to stress that I would probably pee my pants on the run. I never drink this much right before a race. Another reason to wear running skirts! ;-)

I met up with Stacy and her friend, Darcy, who was running her first 10K. We headed into Bean's to use the bathrooms, a major plus for this race to not have to use port-a-potties. Then we went to the start line to find Jen and Jess who were also sporting homemade sparkle skirts, though I was the odd girl out wearing a red one.

The race starts with a downhill mile and I was actually feeling pretty good. I didn't feel like I was pushing it at all, so I was very surprised to see -

Mile one - 7:37

I felt like I should just go with it, and if I blow up, I blow up. There was a slight incline that slowed my pace a bit, but I was still had my breathing under control.

Mile two - 8:01

Close to the end of the third mile my legs started to feel fatigued. This usually happened on every run at this point and I just have to get past the feeling and keep going. But it slowed my pace considerably.

Mile three - 8:48

And now I felt like I had used up the little fuel that I had in my system and I was just going to have to slow down a lot if I didn't want to end up puking on the side of the road. I told myself that it was okay to walk on the uphills. A good portion of the second half is uphill.

Mile four - 9:13

Mile five - 10:55

It got me down a little to see that mile five split during a race and have so many people passing me. I did have a ton nice comments on my skirt and one person said I looked like Wonder Woman. Too bad I didn't feel like her.

Then came the last steep hill and I knew the end was coming close, just a couple of gradual hills then the finish.

Mile six - 9:59

I saw fellow Tough Chik, Lisa, from Lisa Runs For Cupcakes in her super cute flag skirt as she passed me as I walked up the second to last hill. My legs seemed to come alive a bit and I pushed it in to the finish.

Photo courtesy Maine Running Photos

Last .2 - 1:33

I felt very light-headed when I was done. I was completely and utterly drained. How I felt can be summed up in this terrible finish line photo.

I may or may not be sleeping. Photo courtesy Jack Mccoy Photography

I did manage to stand long enough to snap a couple of pictures with the girls.

Me and Jen Photo courtesy Chuck Maletich
I desperately want to sit. (Me, Darcy, Stacy, Jen) Photo courtesy Running With The Girls

Final time - 56:10, 9:03 pace, 787 out of 1440 overall, 277 out of 704 women, 49 out of 109 AG (35-39)

A personal worst, but considering how I was feeling, it really isn't that bad. I'm still recovering from what ever I had (which also attacked Ian and Zeke), but will have a full month of solid marathon training before the Beach to Beacon 10K interrupts the schedule one last time as it will be the last race before the Maine Marathon!


  1. Still a great time, Carrie! Especially since you were feeling so awful. I love your skirt!!

  2. Give yourself some credit - you felt like crap. You are an incredible running and a talented skirt maker!

  3. You are right. Your outfit is awesome! I realized I had no red, white and blue when I ran on the 4th but someone kindly told me my skirt looked like it had fireworks on it.
    Don't beat yourself up with your time. You can only do so much not feeling well.

  4. Your outfit is killer... So jealous!
    I can't believe that you did so well (or even got out there!) after spending the night vomming- that is some hardcore stuff woman... Good for you!

  5. Well I'm glad we both had FUN skirts to help make it through the race! And let's hope for better times next year. I will definitely run it again!


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