Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Brilliant

I was recently invited to join The Mezamashii Project. If you are a Mizuno fan, chances are you have heard of this. If you have never run in Mizuno's or don't know what this is, let me enlighten you.

Mizuno is a sporting goods company that has been around for more than 100 years whose philosophy is to use technological advancements to improve sports equipment and apparel to help athletes become the best they can be. Instead of spending money on traditional advertising, Mizuno decided to give out thousands of pairs of their shoes to try. Actually being able to try the shoes is so much better than just reading about them in a magazine article. I think this is just brilliant and I was one of those lucky individuals. And it just so happens that "mezamashii" is the Japanese word for brilliant. Mizuno is "on a quest to deliver more mezamashii - more ecstatic, electric, wind-in-your-heart running" (quoted from my invitation).

I decided to try the Wave Precision 13, a performance neutral shoe which is lightweight, yet cushioned. While a bit wary of the heel-toe drop being higher than what I am used to in my Brooks Pure Project shoes and New Balance Minimus, I tried to keep an open mind. I'll be doing a full review in a bit after I get more miles in them, but for now I'll get to my "brilliant" run. 

Hot Pink and Citron - awesome combination!

I had a six-mile tempo run on the schedule today - two miles easy, three miles at short tempo pace (7:57), followed by one mile easy. Let me being by saying I have never hit my paces for my tempo runs on the road. They hills around me make it virtually impossible to keep a consistent pace over several miles. Plus, out of my three weekly runs, I find tempo runs to be the most difficult. My race pace is around an 8-minute mile, so running that fast in training all alone is tough mentally, as well.

It was another beautiful morning here in Maine - sunny with the temperature still below 60. I started out nice and slow, warming up with my first two easy miles...they were both 9:54 on the dot. Then came the three fast miles. 

Mile 3 - 8:15 (a little slow, but I was just getting into it. Plus there was a bit of a hill and traffic had me constantly stepping of the road into the soft shoulder.)

Mile 4 - 7:48 (w00t! I am cruising. Between these two miles, my average is just about where I need to be.)

Mile 5 - 7:31!!!!! (So excited! I just ran a 7:31 mile on the road five miles into a run!!!)

One more easy mile, which is pretty much all up hill, at 9:24 to finish my first brilliant, tempo run in my new Mizunos. 

And now I'm off to the beach with Jen and the kids where I'm sure we'll be talking all about our new Mizuno sneaks and our upcoming 18-miler this weekend. Gulp, 18 miles!!!!! Is it crazy that I'm contemplating wearing the Precisions?

Don't forget to enter my Tommie Copper compression shorts giveaway here. As you can see from the above picture, they were a part of my brilliant run, too!


  1. Wow you are cruising!!! Glad you like your Mizuno's, the Ronin's were on my list of the 5 shoes I really wanted to try back in February, but like you I am a little leery after having been successful with lower drop shoes.

    If Mizuno had a 4-6 drop shoe besides the Universe I would really want to try it :-) and still might. The Wave Riders I had were great shoes, just a little too much shoe.

    1. We will see how they work with more miles on them, but I didn't feel like I was heel striking at all and they felt very responsive. Nice job on your trail race yesterday!

  2. Awesome run! I just won an invitation too and got my new Wave Riders- love them already! I'm not sure how I had never tried Mizunos before.
    Best wishes on your 18 miler!

    1. Thanks, Laura! Glad you like the Wave Riders and have the opportunity to try them for free!

  3. So we talked about Mizuno shoes and our run. Oh we talked about Tommie Copper too and your dad's awesome recovery. Loved spending time with you and the kids today at the beach. Again please!!!!

  4. Oh, I am so jealous! What do I have to do to get picked for this darn thing? lol Great run and nice sneakers!

  5. Great Job Carrie! I got my Mizuno's yesterday and chose the Wave Universe Neutrals. Very flat and really lightweight! Love them!


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