Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Track Tuesday: 800m Repeats

I made it through week one of my amended marathon training plan! Amended, because my long run was turned into a 5K pushing the double stroller. You can read the recap here, if you haven't already. 

It seemed like we got a lot accomplished yesterday. We got grocery shopping done, got my car an oil change and tire rotation, Ian got the lawn mowed, and I finally changed the light bulb in one of our outside lights and completely replaced the light fixture next to our side door. The boys were very helpful, too. Finn was the passer of the tools and Zeke wanted to learn all about how to replace the light and hook up the wires and went about "fixing" the old fixture while I installed the new one. Finn also watered all the plants and Zeke "washed" my car while Finn jumped in the muddy puddles. 

After a somewhat good night sleep, I woke up before my alarm to head to the track for today's workout. I was all by myself for the first week after school let out. Even the older gentleman who walks in the morning was packing up his walker as I arrived. It was in the mid-fifties and very muggy, so it felt like it was a lot warmer. On the schedule - 1 mile warm up, 4 x 800m @ 3:34 w/ 2:00 rest intervals, 1 mile cool down. Here is how my intervals went:

#1 - 3:26 (oops, I always have a tendency to go too fast on the first one)
#2 - 3:28 (ack! I seriously felt slower on this one)
#3 - 3:25 (alright, who switched my legs for speedy robot ones?)
#4 - 3:28 (maybe I need to race another 5K and adjust my target paces)

Killed it! I'm contemplating shortening my run on Thursday (7 miles w/ 5 @ marathon pace) due to my next half marathon on Sunday. I'm feeling so good at this point and optimistic that I can improve my time, I don't want to mess it up. What do you think?


  1. A) I love your new header.
    B) You did kill it today! Great job.
    C) Have you heard of rest?

    1. Thanks and thanks and I'm resting on Friday and Saturday, but was thinking I should take it easier on Thursday.

  2. I was going to say the same as Jen. Put your feet up for a minute. Geesh!! :)

  3. You did great!! The header is coming along nicely :)


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