Monday, June 18, 2012

Sea Dogs Father's Day 5K {Race Recap}

Yesterday I had the most fun ever running a race. I got to run with my family. For several months, Ian and I had planned on running the Father's Day 5K in Portland. I did the Mother's Day 5K last year and it worked out that this race would be good timing for his debut and first race in twenty years (geez...we are old). Since we'd be running together there was a problem of figuring out what to do with the boys, so I decided that is would be a great time to run with the stroller and we could run as a family. Not only would we be able to give Ian support every step of the way, but it was a perfect opportunity to put together Team McEneaney uniforms! 

Team McEneaney uniforms
First up was the Kids Fun Run that Zeke was running. We got there just in the nick of time to pin on his bib and as he and Ian were heading to the start the siren went off. I had intended on running with him, but it worked out that Ian got in a little warm up before the 5K. I'm not sure the distance of the fun run, but it was 3/4 around the track, headed into the baseball stadium and around the outfield to finish at home plate. It must have been nearly a half a mile and Zeke ran the whole thing!

Headed to the start
Rounding the curve
Very focused

Just finished!

Congrats from Slugger the Sea Dog

We had about thirty minutes to kill before the start of the 5K, so we just milled about near the starting line. Soon it was time to line up and we headed to the back of the pack since we were running with a stroller. 

My cargo
There were quite a few runners with strollers as this is a family-friendly event, and with over 1300 runners, the packed street makes for some tight maneuvers at times. We passed another woman pushing a double (the only other double I saw) and gave her a shout-out, "Double strollers unite!" Because of the congestion, our first mile was a 10:45. 

Mile two has a gradual uphill, but wasn't that bad. I let Ian set the pace and we passed some more people. Now a steady downhill, a water station that we skipped, and the start of mile three. Second mile = 10:30. 

I think I was smiling the whole way. Every once in a while I'd tell Ian that he was looking great and about how much longer we had to go and what to expect with the course ahead, but for the most part I just let him do his thing and was along for the journey. There were a few people lining the street at this point and one spectator shouted, "Oh a twin, you get extra points for that!" It took a second to realize he was referring to me pushing the double stroller and I gave a fist pump in the air. As we were about to turn into the stadium another woman gave more words of encouragement and was impressed about racing with a stroller. Honestly, I felt a little bad. This race wasn't about me, it was about my husband and I didn't want to be in the limelight. Ian took the lead as the course got a little narrow and soon we were at the finish. 

Ian's stats - 32:12, 10:22 pace, 893 out of 1358 overall, 566 out of 722 males, 67 out of 80 in AG (35-40)
My stats - 32:14, 10:24 pace, 895 out of 1358 overall, 338 out of 635 females, 50 out 89 in AG (35-40)

It was a great experience and I am so proud of my husband. And I've got him to commit to at least one race a year. I can not wait!


  1. Yay! Awesome job and you guys looked great in your matching uniforms!! Love it!!

  2. Congrats to the family for your 1st 5k together!!! Love the outfits & is that a new running skirt I spy?????

    1. Good eye! I picked it up at Target when getting the boys their outfits...perfect match for their shorts! It is so comfy and is longer in the back to cover my backside. I just wish the shorts underneath wouldn't ride up.

  3. How fun! I'm trying to convince my husband to run... he'd much rather chase a ball than run for the sake of running. :) But we do get a 3 mile family run in most weekends at some point, so he could totally handle a 5k. Your kiddos are so cute!

  4. That is awesome! My hubby wants to run so bad with me but he has too many knee injuries. He might be able to attempt a 5k this summer so we'll be doing it as a family pushing the double stroller.

  5. Great post! Loved the recap and pictures. Husband did a great job for his first race back. The t-shirt was priceless :-).


  6. What a perfect day! Congrats to all of you guys!


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