Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day

While my calves are still feeling tight from Sunday's run - seriously, still? - I wanted to get out and run today and take part in National Running Day. Honestly, I've been running in minimal shoes for over a year and never have I had such calf strain. We only did 11 miles (ha, only). So what is going on? Why would the treadmill make such a difference? I don't really know. Then as I was procrastinating getting ready for my run this morning, I was reading this blog post by Amylee at Run My Guts Out. I often will read her posts right before going out in the morning since I have an email subscription to her blog and they are always in my inbox first thing. She's smoking fast (just paced herself to a 3:29 in the Ogden Marathon) and gives me the motivation to finally get out the door. If you haven't read her blog, go do it...right after finishing this. Anyway today's post was about how she ran her 3:29 - what she did right and what she would have done differently. One mistake she mentioned was going on a 20-mile run on the treadmill and how it messed up her body and is still recovering from the injuries incurred by it. Do we really run so differently on the treadmill? I must have since my legs have never felt like I have a peg leg during/after running before. Oh well. I do feel like I am on the mend, but my run today was a little uncomfortable on the downhills. Yes, back to the run and National Running Day.

Still without a plan for this last week (I'll be so happy to be back on track next week), I knew I wanted to take it easy so I went for an easy run on the least hilly route I have near my house - a 3.4 scenic route across the bridge to Edgecomb and back. 

Hills? What hills?

The tide was way out when I crossed - a crazy change to all the flooding in the area over the last few days. Driving to Topsham to pick up Zeke from school yesterday, the bike path along the Androscoggin was completely flooded. It would be perfect for triathlon training - bike down the path, jump in the water for a swim, then run when you get to the other side. It's got to be pretty deep, the concrete benches that are there are completely underwater, at least they won't float away.

Ramble much? Focus... National Running Day. It's a day to celebrate leading a healthy and fit life. While I do have many reasons for running - to be a better mom, wife, and friend and to be a better me - it really comes down to one simple reason:

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