Friday, June 8, 2012

Just Another Day

Nothing too exciting today to report. I ran my five-mile loop this morning. I went the front way (or what I call the front way) that gives me a long gradual hill and a steep downhill. It's definitely challenging both ways. I felt good and strong. I was pushing it a little, but know I had a lot more to give. I really don't feel warmed up now until about three or four miles in, that's just when I got to the top of the big hill and finally became accustomed to breathing hard and dealing with the "discomfort" of running. It's not really a discomfort, but I think any of you runners know what I'm talking about. It's just at that time that I start to move in auto-pilot. I ended up posting my second fastest time on this route at 42:54, an 8:35 pace, so I was/am excited with how relatively easy it felt and the outcome. 

One more long run this Sunday, though I'm not sure the distance we have planned yet, but I imagine it will be the last one in double digits before the Rail Trail Half Marathon on the 24th. The week before on Father's Day is technically the first long run on marathon training, but Ian and I will be running in the Sea Dog's 5K in Portland. It is Ian's first race! Zeke is also registered for the fun run and is super excited about that. Then come the logistics of both Ian and I running...what to do with the kids. So - in lieu of a long run and tacking on mileage after the 5K, I think I'm going to run with the double stroller. It's kind-of making me tired thinking about it. I've only run with them a couple of times, but I think with the pace we are planning on and the relative flatness of the course, I'll be okay. I think it would be great to do it as a family too. The one hiccup with this plan is that you are only allowed in the stadium where the finish is if you are I'll have to put on my speed-walker pants when we get there to keep up with Ian's plan to finish strong. If it's anything like the Mother's Day 5K, it is so congested with people, you can't really run fast at the end anyway.

And now for just a little cuteness before your weekend begins. 

The boys love watching the bumblebees collecting nectar in the rhododendron bush outside our living room window. Finn's excitement was so cute when he did it last year, I made him a bee costume for Halloween. 

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