Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love at First Run

I've been battling a rare cold/sickness the last couple of days, but am glad that it happened this weekend and not the next when I'll be up for pretty much over 24 hours straight running the Reach the Beach relay. On Thursday I had planned on a five-mile tempo run, but waking to the cold rain AGAIN was not very inviting. Two nights ago I barely slept, not being able lay on my back due to an overabundance of snot running down my throat and not able to lay face down due to an overabundance of drool. A picture of loveliness, I know. I woke up obviously not able to run though it was actually sunny out and I hated feeling like crap. I was finally feeling better last night and came home to a box containing my Brooks Pure Flows and really looking forward to a run this morning. 

Where should I run, was the question this morning. I didn't want to go too far or hard wearing new shoes and the girls and I have an eight-miler planned for tomorrow morning. So, I decided I'd do my happy run and go across the bridge to Ft. Edgecomb and back, a quick 3.4 mile route. 

Heaven on my feet. Love these shoes. A perfect fit. I'm hoping they work just as well for me on my longer runs. They felt fantastic and aside from my recovering lungs, the run felt effortless even though I ran it at an 8:25 pace.

I also have a Brooks fan in the making.

Finn approved!

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