Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hills Are Delicious (and so is cake)

I really needed to run this morning. I went to bed feeling sad and stressed out and knew a run this morning would do me good. I woke up before the alarm, shut off the alarm, and remained in bed. Luckily, I also had to use the bathroom, so I had to get up. After puttering around, checking email, Facebook, and Words with Friends, I got myself out the door. I had no real plan, I'm just messing around with training at the moment. I should be more serious with another half marathon coming up in less than a month, but my scheduling and events of the last couple of weekends have thrown everything off a bit. I was only going to do three miles. Last Sunday's long run with the girls had my legs feeling tired and sluggish as I think my body was trying to tell me that I am still recovering from the relay. Instead, I chose to challenge myself and do my five-mile loop in reverse, a route that I did about a month ago and had to walk the beast of a hill.

Just in reverse.
Heading toward said hill, I promised myself not to walk this time. No matter what I would not stop. I would not quit. I would keep going. I would take that hill, chew it up, and then spit it out. And I did. It was hard, but I did it. I just kept envisioning myself at the top and how proud and happy I would be when I got there knowing I never gave up.

In the end, I did the route eight seconds faster than before in 43:40, an 8:44 pace. I also ran the last mile which is 75% uphill in 8:20. Success!

And just a quick shout out to our son Finn who turned two on Memorial Day! We had family and friends over for a cookout and cake and a great round of hide and seek in the backyard. How is it that he is two already? Seriously. I also finally broke down and cut off his baby hair. So sad, but this is what we had been dealing with lately.

Zeke got his thick mane cut too.

They turned into these two handsome devils.

 And my latest cake creation before it was destroyed by cake-obsessed littles.

Finn's 2nd Birthday Umizoomi Cake

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