Friday, May 4, 2012

Goodbye Ghosts

So after several runs and about 50 miles, I've decided to return the Brooks Ghosts 4's. I got them because I thought I wanted a more substantial/cushioned/supportive shoe for my longer runs and rotate them with my Pure Connects that I use for speed work and racing. 

While I think the Ghosts are very comfortable and fit well, they are just too much shoe. I'm at the point now when running in the Connects that my form, specifically landing on my mid/forefoot, feels effortless. Whereas with the Ghosts, I really need to concentrate on how my foot hits the ground. It doesn't feel as natural since I'm a supinator and tend to land on the outer edge of my foot. The cushioning is great, but I think the structure of the shoe and the higher heel-to-toe drop is affecting my stride. 

Thanks to Road Runner Sport's rockin' 90-day exchange policy, they are headed back and these babies will be here soon.

The Pure Flow is a neutral shoe with a little more cushioning than the Connects to help me deal with increased mileage, but still sport a 4mm heel/toe offset which will support the mid-foot landing that I have finally been able to achieve. They also have more flexibility than the Ghosts that will aid in a more centered foot fall. Plus they are flashy!

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