Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To Be a Camel?

Okay, with less than three days until the half marathon I'm feeling prepared. I opted to skip my easy three miles this morning since my legs are still a tad fatigued from Monday's run. I'm not worried about it. I'm hoping to do a short shake-out run tomorrow or Friday morning just to get the legs moving. The three miles I missed are not going to make or break my race performance, but I think resting up as much as possible (read: sleep) is what I need. 

I've got my race outfit all planned out. I'll give a preview in the next couple of days. But one question remains. 

Do I wear my Camelbak for the race? I've only run in it once during a slow training run. While I love being able to take a sip whenever I want and it is much easier to drink with it than from a cup while on the move, I'm not sure I want it with me. Before on long runs I would rarely drink anything. Granted it's been cold and I haven't really been sweating. The weather on Saturday is calling for temps in the mid-50s and sun and the course is all out in the open. Is the Camelbak going to be necessary? Will slowing at the aid stations to drink when I need to really slow me down a lot? Note: I usually have to walk to drink or I will either spill it all or choke or both.

Oh, and from a purely fashion standpoint, my Team Tough Chik running singlet has an awesome phrase on the back that would be covered up if I did wear it. 

In all honesty, this is pretty crazy. It's going to be a PR regardless since it is my first half, but the competitor in me wants to be the fastest I can. I really shouldn't be stressing about it, but I'd like to get some of your input. What do you think I should do?

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  1. Skip the camelbak. I debated this for my first marathon and ended up running with one of those belts with a water bottle in it......and it just was more annoying than helpful and you still need to stop for Gatorade anyway. I think the less you have to manage the better you'll feel and will be able to run a few seconds faster making up for your water stops. If you find the stops really slow you down then use it at the next race. I'm sure you know this but if the water stops are busy run past the crowd and there is always people further down handing water without getting all bunged up in the crowd that inevitably stops at the first table. Good luck!!!


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