Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I will not get injured...I will not get injured...

I think the greatest fear that runners have is injury, myself included. In the past year I've been lucky (or have run smart) and haven't been hurt. Other than a little IT band discomfort from time to time or a slight shin splint, I've been injury free. 

I'm hoping my luck hasn't run out. After the half marathon, I might have felt a twinge of something in the outside of my left foot. Not a pain, just some discomfort - like a strain. I took the week off to heal the blisters I got (for the first time) and the chafing (also for the first time) and to just overall recover even though my legs felt awesome. Well, it was a recovery from running, but I still worked six nights last week on my feet. 

Anyway, I did an eight-miler with Kim and Meredith and felt fine. We were running harder than we usually do (Meredith is super speedy), but I didn't have any discomfort until we were done and I went to take off my shoes. Stabbing pain in my left foot and it felt like a serious charley-horse.

I put weight on my foot, particuarly the ball with no pain, but walking heel-to-toe was very uncomfortable. I'd get a shooting pain every once in a while especially when I did any sort of twisting movement. I laid low for the day until I had to go walk limp around at work for six hours.

Yesterday, we had plans to take the boys and dogs for a hike and swim, but I relaxed instead other than weeding out the gardens and raking the lawn. I did put up my foot and iced which felt better. 


It hurts right where the bottom arrow is pointing. In my non-professional opinion, I'm thinking it is peroneal tendonitis. Resting, icing my foot, and massaging my calf should make the difference. I've been wearing my Tommie Copper ankle sleeve and this morning it feels a lot better. 

Coming into racing season (even though I've raced year-round), I really don't want to be hurt and will take this time to rest. I have a 5K in a couple of weeks and then the Reach the Beach relay in mid-May that I can not miss. I'll see how it goes this week (another six-day work week) and play it by ear for next Sunday's long run.

In other news, congrats to all the Boston marathoners who ran in the heat. I followed many of you online and got all excited thinking of my first marathon this fall and dreaming of the time when I will qualify for Boston myself.

Also, Ian ran two miles yesterday and ran the whole way, even on the steepest hill in town. Props to my husband!

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