Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Treadmill Tuesday

I got my first short-distance speed workout on the treadmill this morning. Last week was 1600m repeats, but today I had 400s on the schedule. To hit my required pace, I had to crank the 'mill up to 8.6 (7:00 pace). I felt like I was flying and it felt great! I was supposed to complete 10 repeats with 400m of rest in between, but ran out of time before needing to get everyone ready for the day, so I had to cut it short at 8 repeats without a cooldown. Oh well.

This Thursday's tempo run is five miles @ mid-tempo pace. Even though it is still a bit dark in the morning (and next week be even darker because of Daylight Savings - I hate losing an hour of already precious sleep), the weather forecast is this:

57 degrees! I wonder how warm it will be at 6:00 AM? Should I run outside? Too bad I can't run during daylight hours.

Today's Photo-a-Day theme is 5 PM. Since this post has been somewhat focused on the sun, here's what it looks like at my house at five.

"5 PM" - 3.6.12

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