Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Awesome, awesome, awesome run this morning! I had a tempo run of five miles at mid-tempo pace on the schedule and of course I was getting outside on this glorious March morning. It was 48 degrees at run time and is my absolutely ideal temperature to run in. Though it's a tough route (what isn't around here?), I like doing my five mile loop for this run. It was also the first time running in the purple Pure Connects! What a difference a half size bigger makes! I love them even more now! I also wore my Team Tough Chik singlet, as well as my new Zensah arm sleeves to see how they faired on the run before the half marathon. I'm happy to report both were great. The only slight annoyance was that the shorts of my running skirt started hiking up and I stopped twice to adjust them. They only ride up a little and then stop, so it wasn't all that bad...just something to get used to. Despite the two quick stops, I ran the fastest I ever have on this particular route. It was the same route that I did a couple of weeks ago and felt like I had a terrible run. But today, though still tough, I bettered my time by over two minutes! Woo hoo! And I just want to give a shout out to the woman walking her dog where there is a very steep hill that I considered walking. Seeing you there made me keep going and eat that hill for breakfast. Thank you!

5 happy miles done!

2. 16 days until my first half marathon...'nuf said.

3. Photo-A-Day Challenge - here I am playing catch up again, but the summer, (I mean spring, I mean...wait, what month is it?) weather has been too nice to be inside and blogging. I could really use a laptop.

Tuesday's topic was Before and After. I seriously considered cutting Finn's hair, but just can not bring myself to cut his baby hair off, so he will continue to rock the mullet. Instead, here is the before and after of Zeke's first haircut.

"Before and After" - 3.20.12

Wednesday's topic was Delicious. Here are the boys enjoying their yogurt. Too me, they are more delicious.

"Delicious" - 3.21.12

Today's topic is Kitchen Sink. I'm not about to show you the real one, and this one is way cuter.

"Kitchen Sink" - 3.22.12

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  1. Very cute outfit! My Tough Chik apparel hasn't made its debut yet but I love the look of the running tank.


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