Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday's Six

1. Thursday I tried out my Brooks Ghost 4's during my tempo run. I was worried about reverting back to heel striking due to the higher heel-to-toe drop, but I was able to midfoot strike the entire run. I even purposely ran a few steps on my heels and it felt so wrong. Here's to good improving form!

2. Despite waking half an hour earlier than usual to get my run in, I had to cut it short to register for this race!

And I got in! 4000 spots were filled in a record-breaking five minutes! I was in between registering for this race or a half marathon in Freeport the following weekend as this will be the last race before the Maine Marathon in September, but I really wanted to do the Beach to Beacon. Last year the weather was super hot and humid and I'd like to try it again.

3. The girls and I are running our long run in Wiscasset tomorrow and I'm super excited. Ian is heading out to Long Island to check on the cottage so I need to be home first thing. I've planned a scenic 13-mile route and they have all agreed to start half an hour earlier, but I'm still going to have to cut it short. At least now I can have treats and coffee ready for when the rest of them get done!

4. Thursday's Photo-a-Day theme - "Car." Zeke and his Beemer, age 1.

"Car" - 3.15.12

5. Friday's Photo-a-Day theme - "Sunglasses." Zeke trying to give thumbs-up...with the wrong fingers, age two and a half.

"Sunglasses" - 3.16.12

6. Today's Photo-a-day theme - "Green." The boys showing their Irish spirit.

"Green" - 3.17.12

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