Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo-A-Day #8 and #9

I decided it was time to update the blog for Spring with a new header and background. Though the seasons haven't changed on the calendar, the snow melted yesterday when it hit 60 and the forecast is in the 50s for the next week or so!

The camera battery died yesterday before I could post my photo for the Photo-A-Day challenge, so here's another two-photos-for-the-price-of-one-post.Yesterday's topic: "Window."

3.8.12 - "Window" or "We Really Need to Paint the House"
Today I had help again from my little photo assistants to gather everything red they could find for today's theme "Red." Zeke liked this one as he always reminds us, "Red is my favorite cah-ler." I love how he pronounces words that have an "L", they twist up his tongue so. Or in the beginning of words they have a "wo" sound. And truck sounds more like fruck (without the "R"). Gotta work on that.

3.9.12 - "Red"
Ten points if you can identify everything in this photo.

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