Monday, March 19, 2012

Photo-A-Day #19

Funny: today's theme for the photo-a-day challenge. Finn has a love of boots. He'll bring you a pair, put on a pair, go get some more and want to put those on too, at the same time. He has a pair of "cow" boots of which we can not find both of. (No surprise given the state of organization the house is in.) Funny thing is, Finn doesn't care. He will happily walk around the house in one boot or fall asleep with only one on. At least he finally fell asleep. It's four in the afternoon and this is his first nap since waking up at 8 AM. This translates into a bedtime of at least 10 o'clock. Yea, us...

"Funny" - 3.19.12

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