Monday, March 12, 2012

My Unintentional Half Marathon

When I first contemplated running a half marathon and started the training plan I wanted the first time I ran the distance to be the actual race. It's a milestone in my books and I thought I'd like it to be something special. I don't know really what the big deal was, I'm otherwise someone who hates not being prepared for something. The girls and I have purposely only run 13 miles the last few weeks in preparation for the Race the Runways Half Marathon on April 7th. Even if we were not quite to our destination, we would stop running at 13 and walk the rest. Yesterday, I threw that plan out the window. 

Our route started in Richmond at Jess's house and ended at Jen's, though Jen was not running with us and had won an entry in the Midcoast Half Marathon the day before and was up running her own half in Lincolnville. It's over near Camden in case you were wondering (and don't worry I've lived in Maine my whole life and had to look it up.) Anyway, one of Stacy's co-workers, Mollie, joined us for the run. On an interesting side note, I ran against Mollie's twin, Maggie, in high school and we were on the track team together at UMaine.

The route had some hills and was challenging and we started off at a pretty fast pace in the low-nines. But what really stood out about this run was the amount of dogs we encountered. It was insane and one was the reason I ran my first unofficial half marathon. 

All of a sudden this dog, medium-sized, excited, but friendly comes racing out to the road. We stop, yell at it to go home, and try to keep going. The dog must have thought that it would be fun to go for a run with us because it would not leave us alone. Despite all our yelling and coaxing, it would not go back. Stacy asked me what we should do, I mean we had already gone about a quarter mile and the dog showed no sign of turning back. So I volunteered to run the dog back. I thought that by running back a little ways it would get the idea. It ran next to me, but everytime I stopped and tried heading back to the girls it would start following me again. So I ran it all the way back to it's house. It ran to the house - okay, I'm good to go - WRONG! It was following me again. By now, I'm sure the others were wondering where I was. I got it to go up on the covered porch and knocked on the door for the owners to come out and take care of their damn dog, but no one came to the door. Then I spotted a crate in the corner. With no other options, I just put the dog in the crate and left. I'll bet once the owners finally got up, they were scratching their heads on how the dog got locked in the crate. And it wasn't until I was running the quarter mile back to the girls that I realized that I'll be running over 13 miles in the end. Oh well. I suppose I could have stopped before everyone else does, but really it is silly and I don't care anymore. It's not a big deal and now I have the great feeling that comes with reaching a new distance.

No more dogs interrupted the run like that one again, although we slowed down every time we saw one to make sure it was on a leash, tied up, or not going to charge us. We saw lots of breeds. A Rottweiler, Golden Retriever, Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab, some white fluffy thing, and two ginormous Great Danes. Those things are friggin' huge! Anywho...

We finished the 13 miles in record time - 2:06:08, almost a full seven seconds faster than the week before. I added another four minutes onto my time, though it isn't exact and I'm not sure of the extra mileage from the dog incident, but it's got to be close. In my log I recorded it as 13.4 miles in 2:10. I'm an unofficial half marathoner!

And here I am catching up on my daily photos for the challenge. Writing this post has been an all-day affair. In my defense it hit 60 degrees today and we spent a lot of time enjoying the warmth outside. So here we go - for Saturday, "Loud" is a baby photo of Finn, just shy of five months old. He's only gotten louder with age.

"Loud" 3.10.12
Sunday, "Someone you talked to today" is a picture of Zeke and I. We actually got all silly and made a series of funny faces for the camera after taking this one. He's such a ham.

"Someone You Talked to Today" - 3.11.12
Today, "Fork." It was the last Monday yoga class tonight and both Stacy and Jen made us yummy treats. They were both equally delicious so I had to show both. Thanks ladies, you spoil me.

"Fork" - 3.12.12
Oh, and I did a headstand in yoga tonight! Woot!

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