Sunday, March 18, 2012

Long Run Sun.

The ladies joined me early this morning in Wiscasset for our weekly long run. I put together a 13 mile loop on roads I had never actually run on (drive, yes). I knew I was still going to have to cut it short due to Ian needing to leave at 8:30, but I was going to get as much in as possible.

Nice and flat, just like we like it!

Oh, how we love hills! Right, Jill? Ha, she swears at me every time another just happens to pop up in front of us. I tried telling her that they are just a figment of our imaginations, but no dice.

But look! We did go down more than up!
You complain, but I only have you run hills out of love. <3 And hey, I don't think any of you had to work tonight either... :-P I'm just kidding ladies, you know I really do love you.

And here I am actually posting the Photo-a-Day challenge on the actual day. Today's theme: "A corner of your home." Here is Zeke researching Transformers on the Kindle surrounded by his beloved Rescue Bots - 

"A Corner of Your Home" - 3.18.12
I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend, have a great week!

19 days until Race the Runways...AAAHHHHH!

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