Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just What I Needed.

I've been in a bit of a funk. Scheduling in the last week threw my training off a bit and it allowed in doubts of whether or not I am ready for this half marathon or not. I know I can cover the distance, it is just a matter of how fast I can do it. The competitor in me wants to succeed and have a great race. I want to run the fastest I can. And that's what I'll do. Maybe it's more just being nervous of covering such a distance in a race. Going hard for that long and far. But I know I can do it. 

I was on Facebook tonight when my high school coach messaged me.
Coach: "Have I mentioned how proud of you I am??"
Me: "Hey, thanks! :-)"
Coach: "You don't need to thank me. Just keep being the person that you are."
Me: "Nervous about this next race, though!"
Coach: "You will do fine. I have more faith in your ability to do your best than any athlete that I have EVER coached."
Wow! That's just what I needed to hear. 
It's sad that my old high school has gone so downhill. They are down to 170 kids total. When I was there, there were over 100 in my class alone. Only 13 kids are on the track team. Without Coach, there would be no team. I hope the kids he has now and has had in the years since I graduated (ahem, 17 years ago) appreciate all that he has done. Without a doubt, he is the best coach I ever had.

He taught me to never give up. Without his coaching, I'm not sure I would have won a state title. He had me read The Fountainhead in which the main character battles to keep his individuality rather than blindly follow the collective. Before major meets he had me watch the Rocky movies. He believed in me and my potential.
I guess I just needed to be reminded that no matter what happens, I will succeed because I will give it my all. That's who I am.

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