Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Track (Treadmill) Tuesday

It's been a long time since I posted a Track Tuesday post. Looking back, I haven't done speedwork since the beginning of January. So much for following the Run Less, Run Faster program. Surprisingly, I'm feeling pretty confident and prepared for my first half in April. I honestly don't know the condition of the high school track, but even though we've had no snow, I'm sure the back straightaway is a mess. Maybe it's not and I'm making excuses. Excuses no more. That is why this edition has been renamed Treadmill Tuesday. 

I'm still getting used to running on the treadmill, but it is extremely convenient and a lot safer than the roads since it is still dark at my morning run time. Another plus, it is preparing me for the heat of summer because it is so hot running indoors! Oh, and I love being able to watch TV or movies on the Kindle Fire to help with the boredom or running in place for an hour. Glee is the best show for this. I don't run with music outside, but it almost necessary indoors.

Today's workout called for three 1600m repeats with a 400m rest intervals. This was easier to keep track of than a speed workout with shorter repeats on the 'mill. But seriously, why does the treadmill report in miles per hour? As runners we are concerned with pace, not speed. Are all treadmills like this? Seems like something so simple. I don't like to have to do math when I run. At least I only had one pace to convert...and that's what pace calculators are for. 

I started with a one mile warm up and then got to the 1600s. And hey, I hit 8:00 pace right on the nose for all three! ;-) I guess the treadmill is good for that too. You are forced to run at that pace unless you cheat by turning it down or jump off or slow down and slam into the wall behind you.

It felt good to run this morning after Sunday's 12.4-miler and a tough yoga class last night in which I thought I had tweaked a hammie and it felt good to shake it out. It was also my last day running in my Runniversary month. What a great month! Thanks to all that celebrated with me. It's not quite over yet, there's still one more day to enter my Tommie Copper giveaway!

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