Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tommie Copper Review: Part One

And here we are at week four of the Maine Mom on the Run Runniversary celebration. In this final week, I saved one of my favorite items to review. The company and those behind it are pretty awesome too. But first I need to make a confession...

I am a compression addict. There, I said it. I am addicted to compression. Since it has come into my life my legs no longer ache from a mixture of poor circulation, varicose veins, running, and working in restaurants and retail. And I wear it 24/7.

The kind and generous folks at Tommie Copper sent me some of their compression products for my review. I was so excited when I got the package in the mail to find a pair or knee sleeves, calf sleeves, and ankle sleeves that I put them all on right then and there!

Copper Legs
Let's start from the top.

Knee sleeves:

The Knee Compression Sleeves are currently offered in four colors, black, cobalt blue, olive green, and slate gray. To get a correct size, you must measure five inches above the center of the knee. The sizing is as follows:

Small - 14"-16"
Medium - 16"-18"
Large - 18"-20"
X Large - 20"-22"
XX Large - 22"-24"

My leg measured 18.25" which puts me in a large, but just barely. I've run into this problem with other compression products and found that the smaller size has worked better. After talking to the amazing Jordan at Tommie Copper, we decided a size medium would be best.

At first I was unsure I made the right size decision. I felt the elastic bands that are at the top and bottom of the sleeves were a little too tight. But after wearing them for a while, I didn't notice them anymore and they were very comfortable. In fact, I think the fabric that covers my knee could do with a little more compression in comparison to the elastic bands. Also, in regards to the elastic bands, they do a great job at keeping the sleeves in place due to the rubbery surface. There is also a band at the bottom of the sleeve that hits me at the widest part of my calf. Doing slight adjustments made all the difference in getting a good fit.

The big question, though, is do they work?

In my opinion, YES! I don't wear them while running, but use them for recovery. The biggest test was the day I ran eight miles (a personal record distance at the time) and then worked a 12-hour restaurant shift without a break. After the run my knees were aching a bit and stiff by the time I drove home. Within five minutes of putting on the knee sleeves the aching was gone! I wore them under my pants to work the whole day and felt great afterward...well, as good as one can after such a long day! I do have to note that I had to wear looser fitting pants because you could see where the compression sleeves ended on my thighs. This might not be the case for everyone.

In the end, the knee sleeves help tremendously with the aches caused by running and my circulation issues that result in varicose veins. I would suggest the Tommie Copper Knee Compression Sleeves to anyone looking for a relief. They really do work!

Stay tuned for my Tommie Copper Review: Part Two where I will give my two cents on Tommie Copper's Calf Compression Sleeves and Ankle Sleeves. 

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