Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ugh, slugs.

No, we don't have any problems with slugs at the moment. Way too cold for that. But I certainly felt like one of these lovely creatures on my run this morning.
Well, I guess minus the slimy part and I wasn't invading any gardens. In my quest for knowledge and accuracy, I did a little research for this post. I mean I don't want to go around offending slugs, you know. I want to get my facts straight.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia (because Wikipedia is known for being a reliable source *wink wink*), slugs are slow-moving, slimy, hermaphrodites (I'm not that part either, in case you were wondering). Basically a snail with no home. Poor things. I feel a little bad for that one I stepped on in bare feet last summer. Yeah, that was gross. Did you also know that there have been a few cases of humans contracting meningitis from eating raw slugs? And in parts of Italy, live slugs are eaten to treat ulcers. I've never had an ulcer, but I don't think I'd be eating slugs if I did. No escargot for me, thanks.


I was feeling a bit sluggish this morning. My tempo run called for one mile at an easy pace (9:32), followed by three miles at short tempo pace (7:57), ending with another easy mile. 

My paces:
Easy - 9:28
ST 1 - 8:34
ST 2 - 8:30
ST 3 - 8:00 (really pushed the puke threshold to come close)
Easy - 9:27

Oh well, everyone has off days and this was one for me. It really wasn't all that bad, but I definitely struggled more than usual. I'm pretty sure the next run will rock. There was one awesome thing about today's run. I got my Christmas present in the mail yesterday. A sweet Brooks cold-weather jacket. It is a magic jacket. Super lightweight, but oh so warm complete with thumb holes in the cuffs with an extra part that you can flip over to make mittens!

It was hovering around 20 degrees and I was close to being hot with only a technical tee underneath. Love it!

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