Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Track Tuesday

The January Streak is now ten days strong, though I'm starting to feel the effects of higher mileage and lack of rest in my tired legs. I've almost run 40 miles already this month which is a lot considering I averaged about 60 miles per month the last four months of 2011! So in the interest of staying injury free, I'm slightly modifying my regular runs to take into account the miles I put in on my off days (which is only one mile per day). I am also running a 4.5 mile race this Saturday and want to have semi-fresh legs.

Today's run called for 3x1600 @ 7:24 pace w/ 1:00 RI. In my mind, my hardest track workout yet. I had already decided going in that I was going to cut that down to only two repeats. Not to be soft, but I know I could do two quality 1600s instead of three mediocre ones and would be scaling back my mileage for the reasons above. After warming up for half a mile I psyched myself up for the first interval and killed it!


I only remember running a mile faster than that once and that was in high school during the timed mile in PE.

The second repeat wasn't quite so fast at 7:29, but it was within five seconds of my target pace so I was happy with the outcome.

Happy Tuesday!

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