Monday, January 23, 2012

The Rail Trail Chicks Take to the Road

The rail trail is a dangerous place, at least at the moment, as it is covered with a sheet of ice with snow on top. So, most likely until spring, the ladies and I are going to have to run on the roads for our long runs on Sunday. Yesterday we met at Jess's house and ran to Jen's house, just short of ten miles away. 

The roads were still a little messy with snow and patches of ice, but overall traction was decent and we left our Yak Trax behind. Despite the three semi-monsterous hills near the beginning, it was a nice route.

The great thing about this route is it is not very traveled on Sunday morning. I think we came across five cars the whole time. Those drivers must have thought us crazy to be out running in sub-zero temps. At one point we were taking up the whole road, running five across (Stacy was missing due to a sick babysitter), and I commented that it would have been a great picture. Not just because the setting was picturesque with snow-covered farmlands and woods surrounding the country road, but because we looked like this:
Jen, Jill and me
Kim and Jess with her awesome ice goatee!
Jen's husband, Ward, came out with the camera as we got back to snap our pictures then treated us with coffee and delicious pumpkin scones fresh from the oven.

Today we are bummed because tonight's yoga class has been cancelled. Some of the girls are running tonight instead, but my left IT band is aching so I think I'm going to stick close to home to take it easy with my one mile.

Happy Monday!

Photos courtesy of Running with the Girls.

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