Saturday, January 28, 2012

A New Way to Follow.

As I'm sure many of you who have a blog already know, Google Friend Connect will no longer be available starting March 1st. And for those of you who don't, Google Friend Connect will no longer be available starting March 1st.

I'm personally a little bummed. I love seeing my numbers grow and all your faces in little boxes on my page. I guess the new thing out to replace GFC is Google+, but I won't be using it. Actually, it's more like I can't. My circa 2005 dinosaur of a Mac is so out of date, I can't even install Google+. And I really don't want/have the time to keep tabs on another page. You'd think that I could get a hook-up since my brother works for Apple. ;-)

Yesterday, I put some new ways to follow Maine Mom on the Run up on the home page. On the left-hand side right below my "About Me" blurb are a series of buttons. Five ways to get your Maine Mom on the Run fix! So I invite you to join me through Facebook, Twitter, email, RSS, and Blogger (this is GFC, so don't do this one).

*I just checked them and actually the RSS feed links to email and the Blogger icon to RSS, I'll get to fixing that ASAP...oh and for whatever reason if you click just left to center of the email icon it brings you to Twitter, so bear with me as I fix the bugs*

I'm going to keep GFC up until it doesn't work, but I'll be giving friendly reminders on most posts from here on out. 

And hey, did you see that I was featured on Running with the Girls a couple of days ago? I know a few of you did because I gained about five new followers on that day! If you didn't, here's the link

And this is my sixth post in as many days! I've been busy. Stay tuned for another exciting post tomorrow. You don't want to miss it! It is (in my opinion) the most exciting one ever seen on Maine Mom on the Run. Let's just say it has something to do with this post. Excited yet?

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