Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heat Wave?

Last night I checked the weather to see what it would be like this morning. At 11:30 PM it was 46 degrees. This morning at 5:30 AM it was 46 degrees! That's like summer...not quite, but definitely warm enough to sport capris, my vest, no gloves and no hat! Today's run was supposed to be my speed workout, but I'm modifying my training plan since I can't get onto the track. I decided to do my five-mile loop on the road and just enjoy the warmth. Armed with my reflective gear and lights I hit the road.

At first I was thinking I might only go to the high school and back (three miles) since my knee was iffy yesterday, but once I got there I felt great and decided to keep going. Plus the other side of the road has a much narrower shoulder and it was "safer" to stay on the loop. That being said, I really don't like running this route because it goes along a fast part of Route 27 and there are few (as is maybe three) streetlights for the middle 3 miles. That, along with the fog, had me waving my light as cars approached to ensure I was seen and I was ready to jump in the snowbank if I needed to. I didn't. Everyone, except for the school bus, moved over.

I wasn't pushing it, I was just enjoying the run. I looked at my watch only once right after hitting the one mile mark and didn't again until I got home and pressed stop. I was surprised when I logged the fastest time ever on this particular route. Granted, the last time I ran it was back in September and I have done a lot of training since then. But it was very exciting that my perceived effort was so low and the results so fantastic!

And I was sweating! Crazy to think that 48 hours ago I looked like this:

And today, this:

 Think Spring!

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