Friday, September 30, 2011

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves Review

If you are an athlete, suffer from poor leg circulation, or both (like me), then you have probably heard of compression products. I've had varicose veins since high school that have only gotten worse through the better part of two decades, 12+ years of restaurant work, and two pregnancies. They are ugly, embarrassing, and often painful. I rarely wear shorts or skirts (other than while running), because I can't stand that my almost 35-year-old legs look like they could belong to someone twice my age.
It looks worse in person, I think.
So right now, short of paying thousands of dollars in surgery, I have started to discover the world of compression products. Why I've suffered this long, I don't know.

At first I was looking at the various brands of compression socks to soothe my aching legs. I wondered if they would be comfortable on my feet and they seemed so expensive. When scrolling through Amazon for a good price, I found calf sleeves. Genius! Unlike socks that would become dirty and stinky and need to be washed after one use, calf sleeves allow you to wear your favorite socks (mine are the $1 ankle socks at Target) and wear them more than once before washing.

There are a few companies out there that offer calf sleeves, but I decided on the Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves for a few reasons.

The Zensah sleeves are made with a fabric that contains silver to help regulate temperature and fight bacteria. I have worn my sleeves under jeans while working outside on a 75-degree day and felt no warmer than if I had not been wearing them. Conversely, they have kept my legs warm when running on 40-degree mornings.

The fabric weave is specific to the area of the leg being compressed, with wide ribbing in the front for your shin and narrow ribbing in the back for calf support. Different muscles have different needs. The fabric is soft to the touch and doesn't itch when you sweat.

They are made in the U.S.A.

They offer a rainbow of colors to coordinate with any outfit.

Royal Blue

Neon Yellow
Neon Pink


At first, I was unsure as to which size to buy. The sizing is as follows:

XS/S: Calf Size: 9.5" - 12.5",  Height: 5'3" and below
S/M: Calf Size: 12.5" - 15", Height: 5'4" - 5'10"
L/XL: Calf Size: 15" and up, Height: 5'11" and up

I'm 5'6" with a calf size of 15.25". Zensah recommends using your calf size as the primary determinant, but lists height if you don't know your calf size. For my calf size, I should order a L/XL, but I was worried if since I was at the bottom of the requirements and five inches shorter than the height listed, they might be a little loose or too long. If I went with the S/M, I was worried they would be too tight. I ended up going with the L/XL in pink since I fit that size with my calf measurement.

I put them on as soon as I received them in the mail and it was like my legs below the knee disappeared. After so many years I started to ignore the dull ache and it wasn't until after it was gone that I noticed how much it had still been bothering me. I couldn't wait to try them out on a run. When I did, I was sold.

I guess I need knee sleeves to take care of those too.
Since I've started wearing the sleeves, my calves don't have the fatigue during and after runs that they did before. I kept thinking that it might be all in my head. But no, my legs really do feel wonderful. It's magic. And I needed another pair so I could wear them all the time.

I took a gamble and ordered a S/M, even though my calf measurement is just larger than the requirements for this size. I felt like I could use a little more compression since my veins are so bothersome. This time I got them in blue. They go so great with my NB Minimus!

They are considerably shorter than the L/XL (which reach from my knee to ankle), so they are more concentrated on my calves. I have found that I love having the tighter sleeves while running and wear the larger ones all other times. Like all the time. 24/7. When they both had to go in the wash at the same time, I didn't wear them for two days and my legs immediately started to ache. It doesn't take two days for me to wash them, but I was letting them hang dry. They can be put in the washer in cold water and in the dryer on the delicate cycle. 

I am a fan for life and can't wait to own them in every color. This running mama definitely recommends!

The sleeves retail for $39.99 a pair or $19.99 for a single sleeve. For more information, you can visit Zensah's website here.

Note: I purchased my sleeves out of my own pocket and was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

First time over 50!

Today's run will be my last of the month and the last before the rescheduled Westport Island Shore Run 10K on Sunday. It also brought my monthly mileage total over 50 miles for the first time ever! 54.5 to be exact! It was an easy five miles with one mile warmup, three miles easy at 9:35, and one mile cool down.

The result:
Warm up - 9:22
#1 - 9:34
#2 - 9:35
#3 - 9:27
Cool down - 9:52
Total - 47:51

I felt great the whole way with the exception that the first mile and a half I was spooked by animals twice (what they were, I don't know) and the amount of cars heading toward town was a good three times what it usually is. I guess everyone decided to go to work today.

I'm really looking forward to Sunday's race, but not the hills (particularly that last one around mile 5 that goes from sea level to over 100 feet in the matter of a few feet). I think it looks more like running up a cliff than a hill!

I am a little sad as it is the last race I have scheduled this year. I hope to get in at least one more though, but I'm not sure which. There is a 10K in Freeport at Wolfe Neck in early November, but we have a wedding in Virginia that weekend though it is still undecided if we can make it. We'll have to see.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Track Tuesday

The first run after Saturday's PR performance went great! I thought I'd take it easy and possibly adjust the workout depending on how my legs felt, especially since I have a 10K this coming weekend. We also went out the the island yesterday and I walked about two miles with Finn in the backpack, but no soreness from that!

I decided to use the same workout from the FIRST RLRF program from last week. The taper week for the 10K program is identical to the 5K. Because of my new 5K PR, I suppose I should adjust my target paces. Ugh, not so hard for the sprints, but more difficult for the longer runs. Luckily, no long or fast runs this week! I actually didn't check the new pace until right now and it's only one second faster than my previous pace. Easy peasy!

Today's workout - 
1 mile warmup
6 x 400 @ 1:46 w/ 1:00 RI
1 mile cool down

I was surprised how well my legs felt after the first repeat, usually this one is the hardest for me to get going with. I went in thinking I'd just do three repeats and not push it, but quickly talked myself into doing all six. You can't expect to get faster if you don't run, right?

My times - 
#1 - 1:42
#2 - 1:39
#3 - 1:39
#4 - 1:41
#5 - 1:40
#6 - 1:39

One more easy run of five miles on Thursday, then rest until Sunday's Westport Island Shore Run 10K.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Apple Fest 5K Recap and a PR!

On Saturday morning I ran in the Apple Fest 5K in Monmouth. It was a great little race put on to benefit the restoration of Cumston Hall, home to the Theater at Monmouth. I remember going to see plays there in elementary school, though I can't recall at this time what they were. I want to say one was The Red Shoes based on Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale...I bet my mom would remember.

Cumston Hall (source)
It was raining when we left the house, but according to the weather map the showers would be ending by race time at 8:00. Despite taking a wrong turn, we got there in plenty of time. I picked up my race packet and got a short warm up in before taking refuge in the car to stay as dry and warm as possible. It was in the 60s, but it was still drizzling. It had pretty much stopped as we toed the line (crosswalk) and were off.

The first mile was a mostly a gradual uphill before reaching the U-turn in the course. This is the first race I've run where I can see the leaders coming toward me and was able to count how many ladies were ahead on me. Only three at this point! Shortly after the turnaround point was the first mile marker. My watch recorded a 7:47. I needed to average under a 7:50 pace to PR. My legs were still getting warmed up and I was optimistic knowing that the hardest part of the course was over.

The second mile was mostly downhill with a couple small rises. There was one girl in a turquoise top that was about 100 meters ahead who I was keeping my eye on. I just tried to not let her get any further away, but the air felt heavy and I found it hard to breath deep. This is where the splits get a little wonky. At the second mile marker my split was a 7:06! WHAT?!? Okay, I know it was a little downhill, but I was a little skeptical of the placement of the marker.

The last mile had a couple rolling "hills" and finished on a flat back to where we started. At about mile 2.5 a lady in pink passed me and I just had to let her go. I hate that after the fact I wish I fought a little harder to keep with her, but at the time I felt I was giving it all I could. I closed the gap a bit on the girl in turquoise, but couldn't quite catch her. Around the three mile mark I was 'duded' by a 60-year-old that made some comment like, "Start running, this is a race." Yeah, shut up guy. Mile three split - 7:34! Wahoo, I'm going to kill my previous 5K PR!

Where is the finish line? I see it, but that looks way further than .1 miles. My split for the .1 mile that went on forever - 1:30. That equals a 15 minute mile pace. They must have placed the second mile marker wrong and the extra was here at the end, which would make my splits make more sense.

But I still got a PR! My official time - 23:59.

After checking the course on, it seems like it might be a little short, but I'm still going with a PR...the map could be wrong. :-P

My secret goal was to get below 24 minutes and I just squeaked by. Here I am racing to the finish -

I'm moving so fast, I'm a blur! Or we need a new camera. Or the hubby needs practice (in his defense, he was watching both boys at the time too).

Zeke and I
Final placement - 31 out of 109 overall, 5 out of 59 females, and 3 out of 17 in age group (30-39).

It turns out I was only five seconds from beating the girl in turquoise (who was in my age group) and a medal, and seven seconds from third female. Gotta dig deeper!

I'm still waiting to see the official race photos, but wanted to get this recap written. I'll post them when I get them.

After the award ceremony and raffle (missed out on a pumpkin by two numbers), we checked out the rest of Apple Fest, had some popcorn and apple pie, and Zeke enjoyed a tractor barrel ride.

Watching Zeke leave with the year, buddy.
The ride home

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling Guilty, But Resting Up

I skipped my last run before Saturday's Apple Fest 5K. It was supposed to be an easy five miles at 9:40 pace and I didn't run it. So now I'm going to have a full four days rest before the race. Too much?

I am feeling a little guilty for skipping it. But I'm trying to catch up on sleep that has been lacking due to switching Finn over to his toddler bed and getting up several times a night to put him back in it. Also, both pairs of Zensah calf sleeves were in the wash and drying after my speedy track workout on Monday so I couldn't wear them for nearly 48 hours. And my legs were missing them desperately. I had been wearing them 24/7 since I got them. Oh, and yesterday I was watching the boys and my 4-year-old nephew and 2-year old niece. I couldn't imagine getting up at 5:30 to run and have the energy to play with them all day. I do feel energized and awake after I run, but I usually need a nap by 3 o'clock. Man, I'm full of excuses, but they are valid right?

So here's hoping for a fast 5K and maybe a PR? To get it, I need to run sub-7:50 pace, but I'm not sure of the terrain and don't know if there are any hills. I got my current 5K PR on a flat course and it was cool with light rain. But that was back in June and I've really upped my training intensity since then. I almost PR'd in my last 5K nearly two months ago and that was in the sweltering heat and humidity. It's calling for chance of showers and 60-degree temps on Saturday. So it's possible!

What are your thoughts on pre-race rest? How much time do you give yourself?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Track Tuesday

Don't worry, I know it's only Monday! This week's workouts have moved up a day due to the Apple Fest 5K in Monmouth this coming Saturday.

Quick workout today, in distance and speed -
1 mile warmup
6 x 400 @ 1:47 w/ 1:00 rest interval
.5 mile cooldown

My splits -
#1 - 1:39 (oops)
#2 - 1:37 (oops again)
#3 - 1:39 (I guess I'll just go with it!)
#4 - 1:38
#5 - 1:38
#6 - 1:36 (yay!)

One more easy run on Wednesday then two days of rest, though I think we're going to go to the Common Ground Fair on Friday, so I'll get some walking in. Have a great Monday!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today.  - Groundhog Day

A freezing 38-degrees, to be exact. Yes, 3-8. I guess that's not technically freezing, but it was cold enough to wear these...

And these... 

...for the first time since mid-April.

I caught a glimpse of my derriere in the mirror and have to admit, it looked good! And the other exciting thing is when I stand with my feet shoulder-width apart, my thighs don't touch! Wahoo!

I've moved up my workouts one day this week to give myself two full days of rest before the Apple Fest 5K next Saturday. So instead of a cross-train rest day today, I did my long run of six miles at long tempo pace (8:35).

How I faired:
#1 - 8:40 (need to warm up)
#2 - 8:33 (and this mile has a steep hill!)
#3 - 8:35 (spot on!)
#4 - 8:32 (oh yeah)
#5 - 8:32 (nice and consistent)
#6 - 8:30 (trucked it up the hill to my house)
Total time - 51:24 (8:33 pace)

Garmin-shmarmin...just kidding, I'd still really like one!

What a mental boost to do these runs with success! I can't wait to race again and see what I can do with these cooler temps. I love fall! 

Today's wildlife encounter was one of these guys who was wading in a stream and flew off as I ran by - 
Great Blue Heron (Source)
Much better than my close call with a skunk on Thursday!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Five at five.

Finn was awake at 4 AM and would not go back to sleep. I finally coaxed him to sleep and snuck back into bed at 4:50. He immediately woke back up and Ian went in this time. Now I felt awake and was going to get up at 5:30 anyway to run, so I grabbed my stuff and went downstairs before Finn saw me.

I strapped on the headlamp and headed out the door for five miles. Yup, it is pitch black at five in the morning! The headlamp is great, but I like to wrap it around my wrist so I can wave it around when a car comes my way. I really need to get some more reflective gear as all I have is a hat from Be Seen. I love the stuff at RelaxReflect and they will even do custom designs and have stuff for kids. Very cool! I should get some and do a review. *wink wink*

Today's workout -
1 mile warmup
3 miles at STP (8:05)
1 mile cooldown

How I did -
1 mile warmup - 10:13
Tempo mile #1 - 9:25 (I feel like a snail going uphill)
Tempo mile #2 - 8:08 (nothing like being inches away from being sprayed by a skunk to make you pick up the pace!)
Tempo mile #3 - 8:48 (this route is too hilly)
1 mile cooldown - 9:59

I can not, for the life of me, keep a steady pace on these so-called tempo runs. I did pretty awesome on my long run, but that is a much flatter route in comparison.

How do you deal with tempo runs when on a hilly route?

What run-in's with wildlife have you had on a run?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Track Tuesday

I'm loving Track Tuesday. Once upon a time, track was one of my all time favorite things. Being able to run on the very same track that I did during my glory days is pretty neat. For blogging purposes, I love having my speed workout on Tuesdays. It wouldn't sound quite as good if it was called Track Wednesday or Track Saturday.

Today I got to drive my brand new Mazda5 to the track which replaces my Honda CR-V that recently revealed three dirty little secrets to us (three prior accidents that weren't disclosed, if you were wondering). She'll always be remembered though, as that was the car that brought our boys home after they were born.

Out with the old - 

The day we brought the CR-V home (2007)
Didn't we used to live in a pretty spot? Too bad the neighbors built a housing development and ruined that view. We moved, but I digress.

In with the new -

Sporty, speedy and practical!
I think it looks like she's got a big grin on, don't you think?

The track was empty and the moon was still up when I got there. Today's workout:

3x1600 @ 7:34 w/ 1 min. rest intervals

I started with an easy mile to warm up and tried to psych myself up for what lay ahead. So far, my interval workouts have had 400m of rest. This was the first time I only had one minute to rest and I knew that minute was going to go by fast. My legs were still feeling tired from Sunday's long run and my right glute has been bothering me ever since I did some rowing last week. Here we go...

#1 - 7:31 (nice!)
#2 - 7:36 (two seconds too slow isn't bad)
#3 - 7:40 (I'm so glad this is the last one!)

I really felt like I was going so slow on the last repeat, but six seconds off goal pace is still okay in my book, especially over the course of a mile.

I was thinking during my half-mile cooldown of whether or not I consider myself a distance runner now. Though I did cross-country in high school, my first love was track and never did a distance over 400m (except for that one time during the college indoor season when my coach asked me to do the 800m to fill a spot in a meet...yeah, that blowed!). But after my successful long run and today's mile repeats, I think I might be in the best shape of my life, endurance-wise that is. Or at least super close.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Successful Long Run!

Seven miles at long tempo pace (8:35) were on the schedule this morning. This is faster than my current 10K PR pace. Can I do it?

I was feeling pretty good. Finn slept through the night in his own bed (well, until four AM) for the, I think, fifth time in his fifteen months of life. I didn't really expect to see a temperature of 46 degrees at 7:30 on the thermometer, but new I'd warm up fast once I got going. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as times. I ran the same 7-mile course on Thursday for my tempo run and didn't come very close to the correct paces, though I did manage negative splits for the fast miles.

I decided to just go for it! These are some of the reasons I thought that today I was going to have a great run:
  • Traffic is really low on Sunday morning, so I didn't have to keep swerving onto the shoulder and could just go...major plus. 
  • The sun was up, so I could see all the sticks and acorns that I usually trip over in the dark...another plus.
  • The temperature was perfect, so no overheating like I did during my two 10K races in stifling humidity...I can't go wrong, right?
And the outcome:
Mile 1 - 7:52 (whoa there, Speedy Gonzalez - you have 6 more miles ahead)
Mile 2 - 8:17 (still fast and this is the uphill mile!)
Mile 3 - 8:42 (tad bit slow, but only 3 seconds off my 10K PR pace)
Mile 4 - 8:07 (going so fast I almost forgot to hit the split button)
Mile 5 - 8:31 (just about perfect)
Mile 6 - 8:30 (seriously...I'm going to get a 10K bad it's not official)
Mile 7 - 8:38 (wow, my quads are jello)
Overall time  - 58:40!

Seven miles in under an hour! Yay me! I am beyond excited, even writing this several hours later has my heart racing a bit. I felt great the whole way, my breathing was fast, but not out of control and I focused on keeping a steady tempo of my feet on the pavement. Around the turn-around point at 3.5 miles, I felt like I was going slower, but my watch was telling me otherwise. I love you today, Timex.

My other good news on this otherwise mournful day is that I won a $100 gift card for Everyday Endurance swag from Megan over at Fit Crafty English Teacher!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Than Half a Half

Many fellow bloggers have been recently writing about running in the rain, something I like to call the "Soggy Bloggyland" saga. In this episode, a seven-mile tempo run, a distance never covered by the lead character, me.

5:30 AM - I awoke feeling pretty good. Finn got a big boy bed this week and we've been trying to get him into that and out of our bed. He's done pretty well so far, but I did find myself uncomfortably snuggled up next to him in his tiny, narrow, and short bed a couple times during the night.

No rain yet, but the roads were wet, the temperature a cool 54 degrees. On the schedule:

1 mile warmup
2 miles @ short tempo pace (8:05)
1 mile easy (9:40)
1 mile @ STP
1 mile easy
2 miles @STP
1 mile cooldown

I knew from the get-go that I would be cutting this workout. The longest distance I've run to date is a 10K. In it's entirety, this workout called for nine miles. I didn't think it wise that I up my mileage by nearly three miles, plus I was wearing my newish NB Minimus. At first, I contemplated taking out the second two-mile tempo and last easy mile to give me a distance of six miles, but figured instead that I could just cut the middle part for a total of seven. My other dilemma was hitting the pace of 8:05 and not really knowing how fast I was running until the mile was over (another good case for getting a Garmin). Instead of obsessing about it, I went off how I was feeling, which was pretty good, but I think I could have worked a little harder (I always think this). Anyway, with my Be Seen reflective hat and my husband's head lamp wound around my wrist, I set out.

The warm up mile (10:06) felt fine. It was definitely still really dark out and I found myself blinded by the oncoming headlights of commuters heading to work (which seemed to be more than usual), but they must have seen me as they all gave me plenty of room.

The first two-mile set came in at 8:58 and 8:51. Pretty far off the assigned pace of 8:05, but I could feel myself holding back knowing I had so many miles in front of me still (stupid brain!) and this is also the uphill portion of the route (stupid hills!).

Halfway through easy pace mile four is my turn around point and I hadn't gone 50 feet before I could hear the whoosh of oncoming rain. And it rained...poured, actually. I actually laughed out loud and let out a "whoop" on the otherwise quiet road. The water dripped off the brim of my hat and my tech shirt and skirt were plastered to my body. Squish, squish went my feet. It felt really good and refreshing and fun.

It still hadn't let up any when I began the next two-mile set, but I did feel like I was cruising along a little more comfortably. Was I going fast enough? Not quite, but I pulled off negative splits with a 8:42 and 8:24! This made me feel like the run was a success even though I didn't hit the prescribed pace.

My cool down mile timed at 10:00 even that gave a total run time of 1 hour, 4 minutes, and 39 seconds. It was kind-of neat entering a number in the hour box of my running log. I have never in my life run for over an hour consecutively. As I was finishing up, I got to thinking that I ran over half a half marathon. Of course I also wondered how it would feel to keep going and run almost the same distance again, but found it hard to imagine. It's my plan to find out next year. But the other thing that got me excited is thinking that a sub-two half is entirely possible, don't you think?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Track Tuesday

Yay! I got to the track today! It was lightly raining, but no thunderstorms. Good to go.

Today's workout:
10 min warmup
5 x 1000 @ 4:36 w/ 400m rest intervals
10 min cool down

I honestly forgot what the pace was supposed to be for the 1000m repeats so I just ran. I wasn't too far off the mark. My legs were a little sore from rowing yesterday, as it was the first cross training workout I have done, ever...well, as part as a training schedule. But I busted out the repeats, no problem.

#1 - 4:39
#2 - 4:40
#3 - 4:32
#4 - 4:40
#5 - 4:34

Not bad, 4 seconds +/- the assigned pace. Now just do those back-to-back with no rest and I've got myself a 5K PR by over a minute! Less than three weeks to find out!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Procrastination Gets You Nowhere

Yesterday, a seven-mile run was scheduled - my longest distance to date. I had planned on getting up early since it was also our seventh wedding anniversary and the boys were going to my parents. Ian and I were going to enjoy a day on our own and anniversaries are not a day to be selfish with running in the middle of the day.

But --- there is almost always a but. I did not get up early. Well, I was up at 6:30, took out the dogs, but then sat down and got caught up reading a bunch of blogs and researching Subarus (my Honda revealed some secrets this past week, so we are looking for a new car - another story). By the time I realized, it was 7:30 and there was no way I'd get in an hour of running now. That's okay, I'm pretty sure I speed-walked at least seven miles at work the night before. It was crazy-town in Freeport. And I could run on Monday morning.

Fast-forward to an hour ago - I get up, it's 6:30. 5:30 was not going to happen. I'm sure all you over-30 types know what that third beer can do to you the next morning. Anyway, I grab my clothes I laid out last night and head downstairs to get dressed. Just as I start to pull on my calf sleeves, I hear it. Is that rain? No problem, I don't mind running in the rain. Rumble...rumble... Thunder. I'm not running in a thunderstorm. I check the radar, yup heading right this way. And now it's just gone past, but it's now 7:30. Aye ya!

I promise to run tomorrow. Seriously, I do. I will. If it's not thunderstorming.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Run of Firsts

Today I ran for the first time in my New Balance Minimus that I got yesterday and was also the first time I attempted a tempo run.

The shoes lived up to my expectations. They felt great to run in - nice and light. And look how coordinated they are with my blue Zensahs:

I could really tell how different the soles were on the ground compared to my Nike Free's, very grippy and I could actually feel the ground. The one complaint I have for the Nike's is that rocks become lodged in the sole, but with the Minimus this can't happen. They remind me a lot of the waffle racers I wore in high school cross-country. I did notice how loud my footfalls seemed compared to running on the thick, squishy soles of the Nike's.  I felt next to no discomfort during the run. I completed 5 miles and only felt a little fatigue in my right ankle and knee towards the end. Even my touchy left shin felt awesome.

Today's FIRST Run Less, Run Faster workout was:
1 mile warm up
3 miles at short tempo pace (8:05) - are you kidding me???
1 mile cool down

I honestly didn't think that I was actually going to be able to hit that pace, not on a run with new shoes and my first tempo run attempt. Yeah, you're really going to succeed with that attitude! Maybe I could have done it on a flat course without hills.

The outcome:
1 mile warm up (10:09)
Mile 1 @ STP (9:04) - fail, though it was 90% uphill
Mile 2 @ STP (8:07) - yay, close enough!
Mile 3 @ STP (8:41) - oh well, I'll get it next time
1 mile cool down (10:00)
Total time = 46:03 (9:13 overall pace)

Really not that bad all things considered. We'll see how things go next time out!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My New Shoes

My new shoes came in the mail today courtesy of!

Last week I found out that I had won second prize in's Facebook New Balance Giveaway for a pair of New Balance Minimus.

They arrived just in the nick of time before I had to go to work, so I was able to wear them tonight to test them out. Last week I requested your help in choosing what color to get, and I picked:

Drum roll....

 Ta da!

I love them! Super comfy as soon as I put them on and they stayed that way throughout a night on my feet at work. I can't wait to test them out on my run tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes!

Adjusting the laces - Photo courtesy of Zeke the Cameraman

And yes, I live in my Zensah calf sleeves - even under my jeans!