Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back On Track (Tuesday)

Enough of gorging on high calories foods! I went out with a bang last night and nearly ate my weight in cheese. On top of that, I stayed up too late and felt like crap during my interval run this morning. But after my holiday hiatus, I feel that I'm ready to end the year right.

We got between 2-3 inches of snow accumulation on Christmas day and there has been no chance of melting. I went with my Yak Trax in hand (rather on foot), and drove to the deserted snow-covered track. Someone must have been there on Sunday because some of the snow was piled up on the first turn and made running in that section a bit precarious, particularly in the dark. After my warmup mile I had tamped down a path, but went in knowing I'd still need to take it slow.

My run - 
1200 @ 5:27 (actual time - 6:37) 
1000 @ 4:30 (5:33) 
800 @ 3:34 (4:22) 
600 @ 2:40 (3:11) 
400 @ 1:45 (1:59) 
200 @ ? (:54) 
w/ 200m RI between each 

Obviously the snow slowed me down, though my perceived effort was as if I had been hitting my paces on a dry track.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday weekend!

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