Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Track Tuesday

Even though the time change has screwed with my boys' sleep, I love that it is light early, as this is the time when I run. I was very excited to see the sky already turning pink in the east at 5:30.

My left calf is still feeling a little sore/tight from Saturday's race, but it felt good to get out there again. They have finally cleared the soccer timing tables off the first lane of the track and the snow and ice has melted, so it was clear sailing for this morning's run.

On the schedule:
1 mile warm up
10 x 400m @ 1:46 w/ 1:30 RI
1 mile cool down

My splits:
1 - 1:33
2 - 1:34
3 - 1:36
4 - 1:36
5 - 1:36
6 - 1:33
7 - 1:36
8 - 1:37
9 - 1:37
10 -1:33

I thought I remembered the pace being 1:37 for 400s, so I was thinking I'm right on or below the whole way. When I got back home I realized that I was supposed to be running 1:46 splits. Oh well, better faster than slower, I guess!

In other news, my official start of half marathon training starts four weeks from today! Oh, and don't forget to get out and vote!

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