Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Track Tuesday and My Fiftieth Post

I think my days at the outdoor track are numbered for this year. The snow from Saturday night/Sunday morning hasn't melted on the back straightaway of the track and footing was a little slick. Temperatures are supposed to get into the 50s this week, but that portion of the track is shaded. It was fine as long as I didn't step in any of the footprints that must have been made yesterday which froze overnight. The snow was just a thin crust and running on it was fine. Still, it made hitting my paces difficult. 

On the schedule:
1 mile warmup
1600 @ 7:27 w/ 400m RI
1200 @ 5:30
800 @ 3:36
400 @ 1:46 
1 mile cooldown

My paces:
1600 - 7:40
1200 - 5:44
800 - 3:40
400 - 1:35 (I really sprinted the last 100 meters!)

Not too bad considering...

Last month was another record-setting mileage month (which they all should be from now on), with 57.2 miles run. It would have been over sixty, but I didn't do my 10-mile long run due to the storm. One of these is going have to be my new friend real soon -

Last week was also the first time I've gone over 20 miles in a 7-day stretch and each one was great! And today's run brings my all-time mileage total over 300 miles, well since I started running again!

On Sunday we had fun in the snow. It was perfect for building snowmen and snowdogs.

The boys had a great time yesterday for Halloween and I'm happy to report that I got their costumes done in time.

Finn the Bumblebee and Peter "Zeke" Pan

And so concludes my 50th blog post!

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