Sunday, November 13, 2011

A New Job

I had my first day of training at my new job today. I'm still keeping my old one, but an opportunity arose and I snatched it up. It's by no means the best job in the world or the highest paid by any means, but it's with a company that I trust, in a field that definitely has my interest, offers a great benefit package, and has many opportunities for growth. So, I'm proud to announce that I'm the newest member of The Home Depot team!

Going in today meant I missed my long run with the girls on the rail trail this morning, but I want to get training out of the way as fast as possible and agreed to come in today. You can't say no right off the bat! But we're headed to out to Long Island (Maine, not New York) tomorrow for probably the last time before winter so I can have my run out there. There aren't many other places more beautiful to run than there.

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