Monday, November 7, 2011

Great Osprey 10K Ocean Run Recap with a PR

It's very exciting that the last three race recaps I've written have PR as part of the title. With one more 5K to go for 2011, I'm hoping to write another in about a month.

Saturday was a perfect fall day for running. It was a bit cooler than I expected at 36-degrees at race time, so I opted to keep my tights on for this one. The sun was shining with little wind for the field of 294 runners that toed the line.

I got to Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park in plenty of time to pick up my bib and shirt and warm up. As the runners were milling about trying to keep warm in the sun waiting for the start, I ran into an old friend, Maggie, who I ran against in high school and with in college. She was there running with her twin sister, Mollie.
Mollie (left), Maggie (right)
The race began down a narrow trail/road out of the park...super congested, but we made it through. There aren't too many exciting things that happened during the race or that I can think of that is blog-worthy, other than it seemed that there were more uphills than down! My goal for this race was to PR, with a secret goal of sub-50. I wasn't taking my secret goal too seriously, though. A sub-50 is actually a goal I have for 2012 and wasn't going to be disappointed if I didn't get it.

Mile 1 split - 7:58 and feeling good. The pack of runners had spread out and I noticed the cameraman taking pictures as I was passing a guy on the opposite side. Can you see me?

I was trying to keep a steady pace, right around 8-minute miles.  

Mile 2 - 7:54

Mile 3 - 7:48 (downhill on this one) 

Mile 4 - 8:07 Still feeling okay, breathing is hard, but only 2 miles and change to go.

Oops, heel strike!
Mile 5 - 8:02

Wow, this is on pace for a easy sub-50 if I can keep it up. Oh, what is that? Another hill? I don't remember this on the elevation profile. It looks really steep. It feels steep. I want to stop. Oh, a head wind. Awesome. My lungs feel like they are about to explode. I am moving soooo slow.

Mile 6 - 8:55 POOP!!!!! Pick up the freaking pace!

Mile .2 - 1:24

Official finish time - 50:11, 8:06 pace SO CLOSE!!!

83 out of 294 overall, 21 out of 150 females, 9 out of 50 in my age group (30-39). By far my best finish in the standings with the number of people racing.

I have to note that when they posted the times after the race my time was 50:16 (gun time). When I went back to look at the results online it was changed to 50:22. How did it change after the fact? But I'd like to go by my watch time 50:11 (I started it when I crossed the starting line).

I was a little disappointed with mile 6 and wondered if I should have/could have pushed it more. I would have gotten that sub-50. But you know what? I am very happy with the outcome and I am more that confident I will get it next year. No problem.

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