Monday, November 28, 2011

Double Digit Run and Getting Caught Up

Wow, I feel like I am so behind on this blogging thing. December is such a busy month already and throwing starting a new job into the mix hasn't helped with having any extra available time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We did and I ate entirely too much, but it only comes once a year and I thoroughly enjoy all the delicious food! I tried heading out on Friday morning for my tempo run to run off all the calories, but last Wednesday's storm left several inches of snow on the track. I scaled the four-foot snowbank and ran one lap before scrapping the idea.

Yesterday I completed my first two-digit run ever! The girls and I met up at the rail trail for nine icy miles and I turned around for one more when we got back to the parking lot. Despite the ice, the run was a lot of fun. It's exciting to think that all I have to add to the run is a short 5K and it reaches half marathon distance. I have no doubts of my ability to complete my first half in April.

Jen from Running With The Girls has tagged me for The Versatile Blogger Award and I will be fulfilling my requirements shortly with a post later today.

Stay tuned!

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