Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Track Tuesday

I had a great weekend! My hip is feeling a ton better since resting it late last week. Saturday I had a birthday lunch with my parents and got some great new running gear. Thanks Mom and Dad! Sunday I did seven miles on the Rail Trail with all the girls, Jen, Stacy, Jill, and Jess! Words can not express how thankful I am to be able to run with this awesome group. I spent yesterday with the boys and my niece and nephew while my brother and sister-in-law went back to Boston to have my brother's knee checked out again post-surgery. And today, another stellar track session!

The run:
10 min warmup
4 x 1000 @ 4:32 w/ 400m RI
10 min cooldown

My splits:
1 - 4:30 
2 - 4:30 (consistency is the key) 
3 - 4:32 (right on the money) 
4 - 4:26 (zoom-zoom)

And now to get to work finishing the boys' Halloween costumes. Last year, I started them in September. They were pretty involved though. Zeke's T-Rex head alone took me several hours.

Halloween 2010
This year I've been slacking like crazy. I don't even have one done, but I'm not stressing too much...yet.

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