Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Track Tuesday: Birthday Edition

The first gift I got for my birthday today is a kick-ass run at the track. I've been super excited to do this particular interval run since I saw it on the training schedule. Lots of short, fast runs! Other than having to remember four separate target paces, I was ready to kill it. I wore my new YMX shirt that I won on a Facebook contest. I love this shirt and now that I've run in it I love it even more! I'll get around to a review at some point.

1 mile warmup
200 (200 RI), 400, 600, 800, 800, 600, 400 (400 RI after each), 200
1 mile cooldown

I got a good day's rest yesterday after my eight miles followed by a 12-hour work day on Sunday and my legs felt ready to run fast. The stars were bright at a half moon lit my way.

I'm happy to report that I beat all my target paces by 7  to 13 seconds with the exception of my last 600 (that was by 3 seconds...I know awful :-P), but during that one I was paying more attention to the huge flock of seagulls that flew into the infield and I was trying not to get pooped on.  

My splits:
200 - :45 (no set pace for a 200) 
400 - 1:37
600 - 2:28
800 - 3:27
800 - 3:29
600 - 2:38 (look out for the birds!) 
400 - 1:36
200 - :44

And now I am officially halfway to age 70. Ewww... More positively, I am officially in the year of my life in which I will be running my first half and full marathons! 34 was a great year, I got running back into my life, fit into my pre-pregnancy, even pre-marriage clothes (I think I gained 10 pounds on our honeymoon!), started this blog that has helped me to find the incentive and commitment to make running a permanent fixture in my life and through I have the support of my friends and family, virtual or in-person (some of the former have become the latter).

When I got back this is what Zeke had waiting for me:

Blue frosting, because blue is my favorite color.

Zeke dictated the inside of the card to Ian. But he signed his name!


  1. love, love, love your YMX shirt. I could go broke buying them - thank goodness for contest winnings!

    super sweet card/cake! love it. happy birthday! (again)

  2. Nice shirt! I'm a wee bit jealous... :) Happy Birthday! 35 is great! I had my last child at 35. Now he's 6. You do the math.

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    how sweet are those cards!! love it.

    it must be your lucky day...make sure you stop by my blog soon :)
    I think there is a gift there for you too!

    35 rocks!!

  4. awwwww!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!! what a great start to the day...rocking an amazing run!


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