Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tempo Run Success...Finally!

I had the brilliant idea last night that I would run this morning's tempo run on the track.  I though this would be smart for a couple of reasons. One, it's a lot safer running on the track. No traffic and it's partially lit from the parking lot lights since I have to run before sunrise. Two, what better way to be able to keep a steady pace than on a flat surface that is measured out for me? My prior tempo runs have been less than successful. I've done the distances, but meeting the required paces have eluded me. This way, I'd be able to easily see how far I've gone in what time, how much distance I have left, and keep a steady pace due to the lack of hills. And my plan worked!

On the docket:
1 mile warm up
4 miles @ MTP (8:15)
1 mile cool down

The verdict:
Warm up mile - 9:53
Tempo mile #1 - 8:16 (so far still to go) 
Tempo mile #2 - 8:16 (keep it up!) 
Tempo mile #3 - 8:19 
Tempo mile #4 - 8:10 (loved counting down the laps on this one) 
Cool down mile - 10:10 (a hard mile, it would have been easier to continue to go fast) 
Total time  - 53:05

Other than the monotony of 24 laps around and around, I am stoked that I was able to pretty much hit the right pace. I think I'm going to employ the track for my tempo run for the time being, at least until daylight savings kicks in and it is lighter in the morning. Plus it does wonders for my attitude toward the tempo run!

In other news, I might be running my long run on Sunday with Jen, very exciting! I'm supposed to do a personal distance record of eight miles, we'll see if it works out.


  1. Love the new blog look! How do you do stuff like that? I need a lesson in computer stuff....

    Where are you guys running? Let me know and maybe I can crash your party! Right now, there are no scheduled games or anything on sunday! yay!

  2. Not that I am fast, or as fast as you, but how do you get yourself to slow down? I just seem to go at Pace A until I get tired...and then wham, I slow down to Pace B. Do you just watch your Garmin closely? I feel like it is actually interfering with my training because I go out too fast and then can't maintain it AND I don't warm-up enough to meet the level I am exerting myself.

    Also LOVE the new blog!

  3. i always find its hard to slow down the last mile after a tempo workout too so i've just been keeping going but keeping the pace as easy as possible.

    and YOU ROCK for doing this on a track. amazing! i dont think i could do it :)


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