Friday, October 21, 2011

Skipped Tempo

I made the decision to skip my tempo run this week. After last Sunday's eight-mile run followed by a twelve hour work day on my feet, I got a nagging pain right on the top of my pelvis on the right side. It's in a very specific spot and doesn't hurt all the time. Really it only hurts when I climb stairs or am bent over pushing the boys on one of their riding toys.

Iliac crest (source)
I've had this pain before, a few months ago when I started upping my mileage for the first time. I found by just taking it easy for a bit it eventually went away. I'm assuming it's just aching again from overuse. It's definitely not as bad as last time.

I did my track workout Tuesday with no problems, just a twinge here or there. My tempo run was supposed to be nine miles on Thursday, but I decided to wait until today to give myself an extra day to rest. It was raining Thursday morning anyway. Last night my hip was still a little achy. I decided that I'd just skip the run altogether, instead of risk injuring it further. I also wanted to make sure I can go "running with the girls" this Sunday when we have seven miles planned.

It was really hard not to get up and run, but on the other hand, Finn has slept really well the last two nights which means I do too!

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