Monday, October 17, 2011

Running with the Girls

Yesterday morning I got to run with Jen and Jill of Running with the Girls fame!
Jen, Jill, Stacy, Jess (Photo courtesy of
I was so excited to be running with them, to be running in a new place, and be setting a personal record distance of eight miles. The girls run regularly at the Kennebec River Rail Trail, a 6.5 mile path that runs from Gardiner to Augusta. My dad also happens to be on the Board of Directors. I can really see myself running there often in the future. It's just over 20 minutes from my house, has great views of the river, no traffic, and is relatively flat. The only other time I've run with someone was with my friend Heather at the Androscoggin River Bicycle and Pedestrian Path in Brunswick. You can read about that here. The issues I have with the Brunswick trail is that it also runs along heavily traveled Route 1. Breathing exhaust isn't the best while running. The Rail Trail is also nearly three times as long as the Brunswick path making it more conducive for longer runs and it is 10 minutes closer to home. Why wouldn't I go back for more? But the best reason for going back is to run with these awesome ladies again.

Jill is just coming back from a short break from running and ran with us for the first three miles before turning back. Jen and I continued on for another mile. We talked about our kids, husbands, weight loss after babies, work, running shoes, our blogs and the sweet stuff we've won. I picked her brain about her Garmin since I'm still on the fence about wanting/needing one.

And then we were done. Eight miles behind us. Wow, that was fast. I mean, we weren't really running that fast (9:24 pace), but the time flies by when you are running with others. I get a little bored with the conversations with myself on solo runs. Technically, according to my 10K training plan, my long runs should be at a 8:30 pace (this will be bumped up to around 9 minutes when I start the half marathon plan), but this run wasn't about how fast we were going. It was about making friends, connecting through running, and enjoying the company.

Thank you Jen and Jill for making my day!


  1. love this!!! running with friends always makes the time go by faster! and it always brings a smile to my face. glad you all had a great run!

  2. Sounds like you had a terrific run today! The KRRT is not only closer you know...Dad is on the Board of Directors for it! ;-) xo


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