Friday, October 28, 2011

A Freezing Nine

Wahoo! I had an awesome run at the track this morning! The thermometer at the house said 29-degrees, but my car said 32. It felt it! I got to wear my new Brooks vest and Champion capris. Along with my long sleeve YMX, Zensah calf sleeves, hat, and gloves, I was ready!
After getting back as it was finally light out!
The stars were beautiful with Jupiter blazing brightly. Gorgeous! Just what I needed to take my mind off the cold and fact that I was just starting my nine-mile, personal record distance, tempo run. After my warm up mile I was in fact warm. I didn't run this yesterday because when I woke up it was 35-degrees and raining. I don't have a problem with either separately, but really didn't feel like being soaked and frozen. This week was also supposed to be a short 4 miles, but since I didn't do my tempo run last week due to my hip pain and next week is a taper week before the Great Osprey Ocean Run 10K, I decided to do last week's tempo run instead.

The run:
1 mile warm up
2 miles @ ST (8:00)
1 mile easy (9:35)
1 mile @ ST
1 mile easy
2 miles @ ST
1 mile cool down

While I didn't hit my paces for the fast miles, I felt great. My breathing was totally in control and I truly believe that I could have kept going forever...well, at least 4.1 more miles!

My paces:
Warm up (9:26)
2 miles ST (8:31, 8:27)
1 mile easy (9:20)
1 mile ST (8:26)
1 mile easy (9:23)
2 miles ST (8:38, 8:24)
Cool down (9:26)
Total time: 1:20:05, 8:54 pace

I'm feeling very optimistic about a sub-2 half marathon come April!!!

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