Saturday, October 1, 2011

Date with a Half

Since starting back at running earlier this year, it had been my plan to only run 5K and 10K distances for my races. Then, with a year under my belt I would attempt my first half and full marathon in 2012. So far, this plan has worked out. I have fallen back in love with running and am excited that this will be a part of my life as long as my body can carry me.

The Maine Marathon and half are tomorrow and I know quite a few people (either in real life or through bloggyland) who are running either their first full or half. I'm very excited for them and they all will cross the finish line with flying colors. Good luck Heather, Jen, Shannen, and ltlindian! You're going to kill it!

It is in my running plan to run the full Maine Marathon next year. One year from tomorrow, I will be fulfilling a dream I've had since high school. But prior to that, I want to get one or two half marathons in.  

And I have decided what my first half will be! 

Last year was the inaugural Race the Runways and my first ever 5K.

Wow! My legs are so much skinnier now!
They also have a one mile race and a half marathon, all run on the runways and surrounding area at the former Naval Air Station in Brunswick. I think it is more than fitting that since it was the location of my first distance race, I make it my first half marathon! Mark your calendars for April 7, 2012!

It also works out as far as training goes. I really like the Furman's RLRF training plan and just completed the 5K program. The half marathon plan is 18 weeks long, which means I'll need to start training in just over two months. This gives me enough time to do the last half of the 10K program to get distances up to eight miles in (I've gone as far as seven so far) to be better prepared to start the half plan. Perfect!

I think the most difficult part is going to be training for such a distance over the Maine winter. When I started running it was the latter part of the winter and three miles were my max. There is just enough sidewalk near my house to run short distances, but anything over three I have to take to the road (unless I want to repeat the same 1.5 miles). I have a feeling I'll be visiting the Wiscasset Community Center to use a treadmill often when the snow flies. Unless anyone wants to make a donation. :-P

Yay! I am so excited!


  1. Woo hoo! You will be awesome with your 1/2 in April! I'll be there too! Thank you for the well wishes & good luck with your race tomorrow! :)

  2. I've got to tell you how much I admire your wisdom in the approach to racing! So many people jump right in and do a marathon b/c that's what everyone else is doing. But it's so smart to build up to it slowly. Perfect timing for your 1/2!

  3. The women of Mainely Running will be looking for you in April as well! We'll be there! Happy running!

  4. Very exciting! The way you are ramping up your mileage is exactly what I did and the transition to longer distances was a smooth one.
    I'm also a RLRF girl so holler if you have questions.
    Happy running whether on the roads or the mill. You'll make it happen!

  5. I did my first half with much less training. I don't think that is a good idea for anyone, I am just dumb like that! I am sure you will rock that race! You have done so terrific so far!

    Do you think staying motivated will be an issue? I think that's why I plan things so "short term" stay focused.

  6. Such exciting news! Good luck with your upcoming training :)

    I use RLRF too for my current half and full marathon training :)


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