Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Track Tuesday

The first run after Saturday's PR performance went great! I thought I'd take it easy and possibly adjust the workout depending on how my legs felt, especially since I have a 10K this coming weekend. We also went out the the island yesterday and I walked about two miles with Finn in the backpack, but no soreness from that!

I decided to use the same workout from the FIRST RLRF program from last week. The taper week for the 10K program is identical to the 5K. Because of my new 5K PR, I suppose I should adjust my target paces. Ugh, not so hard for the sprints, but more difficult for the longer runs. Luckily, no long or fast runs this week! I actually didn't check the new pace until right now and it's only one second faster than my previous pace. Easy peasy!

Today's workout - 
1 mile warmup
6 x 400 @ 1:46 w/ 1:00 RI
1 mile cool down

I was surprised how well my legs felt after the first repeat, usually this one is the hardest for me to get going with. I went in thinking I'd just do three repeats and not push it, but quickly talked myself into doing all six. You can't expect to get faster if you don't run, right?

My times - 
#1 - 1:42
#2 - 1:39
#3 - 1:39
#4 - 1:41
#5 - 1:40
#6 - 1:39

One more easy run of five miles on Thursday, then rest until Sunday's Westport Island Shore Run 10K.

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  1. awesome job on your workout! good luck at your race on sunday :)


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