Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Track Tuesday

I'm loving Track Tuesday. Once upon a time, track was one of my all time favorite things. Being able to run on the very same track that I did during my glory days is pretty neat. For blogging purposes, I love having my speed workout on Tuesdays. It wouldn't sound quite as good if it was called Track Wednesday or Track Saturday.

Today I got to drive my brand new Mazda5 to the track which replaces my Honda CR-V that recently revealed three dirty little secrets to us (three prior accidents that weren't disclosed, if you were wondering). She'll always be remembered though, as that was the car that brought our boys home after they were born.

Out with the old - 

The day we brought the CR-V home (2007)
Didn't we used to live in a pretty spot? Too bad the neighbors built a housing development and ruined that view. We moved, but I digress.

In with the new -

Sporty, speedy and practical!
I think it looks like she's got a big grin on, don't you think?

The track was empty and the moon was still up when I got there. Today's workout:

3x1600 @ 7:34 w/ 1 min. rest intervals

I started with an easy mile to warm up and tried to psych myself up for what lay ahead. So far, my interval workouts have had 400m of rest. This was the first time I only had one minute to rest and I knew that minute was going to go by fast. My legs were still feeling tired from Sunday's long run and my right glute has been bothering me ever since I did some rowing last week. Here we go...

#1 - 7:31 (nice!)
#2 - 7:36 (two seconds too slow isn't bad)
#3 - 7:40 (I'm so glad this is the last one!)

I really felt like I was going so slow on the last repeat, but six seconds off goal pace is still okay in my book, especially over the course of a mile.

I was thinking during my half-mile cooldown of whether or not I consider myself a distance runner now. Though I did cross-country in high school, my first love was track and never did a distance over 400m (except for that one time during the college indoor season when my coach asked me to do the 800m to fill a spot in a meet...yeah, that blowed!). But after my successful long run and today's mile repeats, I think I might be in the best shape of my life, endurance-wise that is. Or at least super close.

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