Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Track Tuesday

Yay! I got to the track today! It was lightly raining, but no thunderstorms. Good to go.

Today's workout:
10 min warmup
5 x 1000 @ 4:36 w/ 400m rest intervals
10 min cool down

I honestly forgot what the pace was supposed to be for the 1000m repeats so I just ran. I wasn't too far off the mark. My legs were a little sore from rowing yesterday, as it was the first cross training workout I have done, ever...well, as part as a training schedule. But I busted out the repeats, no problem.

#1 - 4:39
#2 - 4:40
#3 - 4:32
#4 - 4:40
#5 - 4:34

Not bad, 4 seconds +/- the assigned pace. Now just do those back-to-back with no rest and I've got myself a 5K PR by over a minute! Less than three weeks to find out!


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