Friday, September 2, 2011

Run of Firsts

Today I ran for the first time in my New Balance Minimus that I got yesterday and was also the first time I attempted a tempo run.

The shoes lived up to my expectations. They felt great to run in - nice and light. And look how coordinated they are with my blue Zensahs:

I could really tell how different the soles were on the ground compared to my Nike Free's, very grippy and I could actually feel the ground. The one complaint I have for the Nike's is that rocks become lodged in the sole, but with the Minimus this can't happen. They remind me a lot of the waffle racers I wore in high school cross-country. I did notice how loud my footfalls seemed compared to running on the thick, squishy soles of the Nike's.  I felt next to no discomfort during the run. I completed 5 miles and only felt a little fatigue in my right ankle and knee towards the end. Even my touchy left shin felt awesome.

Today's FIRST Run Less, Run Faster workout was:
1 mile warm up
3 miles at short tempo pace (8:05) - are you kidding me???
1 mile cool down

I honestly didn't think that I was actually going to be able to hit that pace, not on a run with new shoes and my first tempo run attempt. Yeah, you're really going to succeed with that attitude! Maybe I could have done it on a flat course without hills.

The outcome:
1 mile warm up (10:09)
Mile 1 @ STP (9:04) - fail, though it was 90% uphill
Mile 2 @ STP (8:07) - yay, close enough!
Mile 3 @ STP (8:41) - oh well, I'll get it next time
1 mile cool down (10:00)
Total time = 46:03 (9:13 overall pace)

Really not that bad all things considered. We'll see how things go next time out!


  1. Love reading your posts and knowing you are in Maine- I lived in Wiscasset for about 40 years of my life! I'm sure you are running in some of my footfalls.

  2. good job on your first tempo run! i think it will get easier for you and i'm sure those hills didn't help :)

  3. Yay for breaking in the shoes on your tempo run! How do you feel?

  4. nice job. I just finished RLRF training for my HM. The temp runs were always the hardest for me.


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