Monday, September 5, 2011

Procrastination Gets You Nowhere

Yesterday, a seven-mile run was scheduled - my longest distance to date. I had planned on getting up early since it was also our seventh wedding anniversary and the boys were going to my parents. Ian and I were going to enjoy a day on our own and anniversaries are not a day to be selfish with running in the middle of the day.

But --- there is almost always a but. I did not get up early. Well, I was up at 6:30, took out the dogs, but then sat down and got caught up reading a bunch of blogs and researching Subarus (my Honda revealed some secrets this past week, so we are looking for a new car - another story). By the time I realized, it was 7:30 and there was no way I'd get in an hour of running now. That's okay, I'm pretty sure I speed-walked at least seven miles at work the night before. It was crazy-town in Freeport. And I could run on Monday morning.

Fast-forward to an hour ago - I get up, it's 6:30. 5:30 was not going to happen. I'm sure all you over-30 types know what that third beer can do to you the next morning. Anyway, I grab my clothes I laid out last night and head downstairs to get dressed. Just as I start to pull on my calf sleeves, I hear it. Is that rain? No problem, I don't mind running in the rain. Rumble...rumble... Thunder. I'm not running in a thunderstorm. I check the radar, yup heading right this way. And now it's just gone past, but it's now 7:30. Aye ya!

I promise to run tomorrow. Seriously, I do. I will. If it's not thunderstorming.


  1. I can relate to this! Sometimes timing is everything. We have been having rain from TS Lee since Fri and event hough we did get our 13 mile run in Sat morning with loads fo rain, we were not under thunderstorm or tornado warnings. Now though, it is still raining with warnings of all possible occurrances and I am getting antsy to do something. Y closed for the holiday and no treadmill at the house. Walking at the mall might be my only option. I am sure you will have a great run tomorrow!!!!

  2. The stars are not aligned for you and running right now! Tomorrow, tomorrow!

  3. I totally relate to this!!!!!!


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