Thursday, September 15, 2011

Five at five.

Finn was awake at 4 AM and would not go back to sleep. I finally coaxed him to sleep and snuck back into bed at 4:50. He immediately woke back up and Ian went in this time. Now I felt awake and was going to get up at 5:30 anyway to run, so I grabbed my stuff and went downstairs before Finn saw me.

I strapped on the headlamp and headed out the door for five miles. Yup, it is pitch black at five in the morning! The headlamp is great, but I like to wrap it around my wrist so I can wave it around when a car comes my way. I really need to get some more reflective gear as all I have is a hat from Be Seen. I love the stuff at RelaxReflect and they will even do custom designs and have stuff for kids. Very cool! I should get some and do a review. *wink wink*

Today's workout -
1 mile warmup
3 miles at STP (8:05)
1 mile cooldown

How I did -
1 mile warmup - 10:13
Tempo mile #1 - 9:25 (I feel like a snail going uphill)
Tempo mile #2 - 8:08 (nothing like being inches away from being sprayed by a skunk to make you pick up the pace!)
Tempo mile #3 - 8:48 (this route is too hilly)
1 mile cooldown - 9:59

I can not, for the life of me, keep a steady pace on these so-called tempo runs. I did pretty awesome on my long run, but that is a much flatter route in comparison.

How do you deal with tempo runs when on a hilly route?

What run-in's with wildlife have you had on a run?


  1. Good for you for getting out there at dark o'thirty. I do tend to do tempos on flatter terrain so that I can feel that pace better. I do hillier runs at other times.

  2. Well...I have all of my "routes" marked with well has the 1/2 way points.

    I know this will sound crazy...But I keep track of where I am atthe half way point in each half mile and pick up the pace if I need to or slow down to keep it within the pace range.

    So if my pace is 10 minute miles, then after my warm up mile I should be at 1 and a half by 15 minutes and 20 minutes at mile 2.

    Also, if I warm up with a 10 min mile, then I should be at 14:30 at the mile and a half to be on a 9:00minute pace.

    Sometimes I lose track, but honestly the more I do it the better at the math I have become!

  3. anytime i notice my pace is slower than what it should be for any particular run then i do some fartleks {speed work - go fast for x amount of time or distance than slower/recover for x amount of time distance} ... sometimes its the only time i can survive tempo runs, hilly or not. and i used that strategy for my most recent 5k and ended up with a sub-30 finish and a 4 minute pr.


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