Thursday, September 29, 2011

First time over 50!

Today's run will be my last of the month and the last before the rescheduled Westport Island Shore Run 10K on Sunday. It also brought my monthly mileage total over 50 miles for the first time ever! 54.5 to be exact! It was an easy five miles with one mile warmup, three miles easy at 9:35, and one mile cool down.

The result:
Warm up - 9:22
#1 - 9:34
#2 - 9:35
#3 - 9:27
Cool down - 9:52
Total - 47:51

I felt great the whole way with the exception that the first mile and a half I was spooked by animals twice (what they were, I don't know) and the amount of cars heading toward town was a good three times what it usually is. I guess everyone decided to go to work today.

I'm really looking forward to Sunday's race, but not the hills (particularly that last one around mile 5 that goes from sea level to over 100 feet in the matter of a few feet). I think it looks more like running up a cliff than a hill!

I am a little sad as it is the last race I have scheduled this year. I hope to get in at least one more though, but I'm not sure which. There is a 10K in Freeport at Wolfe Neck in early November, but we have a wedding in Virginia that weekend though it is still undecided if we can make it. We'll have to see.


  1. Good luck with your race! I thought about doing that one as well, but then saw that it was the same weekend as the Maine 1/2 which I had already signed up for. Maybe I'll look into that Freeport one..... :)

  2. good luck at your race and congrats for your highest mileage month ever :)


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