Monday, September 26, 2011

Apple Fest 5K Recap and a PR!

On Saturday morning I ran in the Apple Fest 5K in Monmouth. It was a great little race put on to benefit the restoration of Cumston Hall, home to the Theater at Monmouth. I remember going to see plays there in elementary school, though I can't recall at this time what they were. I want to say one was The Red Shoes based on Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale...I bet my mom would remember.

Cumston Hall (source)
It was raining when we left the house, but according to the weather map the showers would be ending by race time at 8:00. Despite taking a wrong turn, we got there in plenty of time. I picked up my race packet and got a short warm up in before taking refuge in the car to stay as dry and warm as possible. It was in the 60s, but it was still drizzling. It had pretty much stopped as we toed the line (crosswalk) and were off.

The first mile was a mostly a gradual uphill before reaching the U-turn in the course. This is the first race I've run where I can see the leaders coming toward me and was able to count how many ladies were ahead on me. Only three at this point! Shortly after the turnaround point was the first mile marker. My watch recorded a 7:47. I needed to average under a 7:50 pace to PR. My legs were still getting warmed up and I was optimistic knowing that the hardest part of the course was over.

The second mile was mostly downhill with a couple small rises. There was one girl in a turquoise top that was about 100 meters ahead who I was keeping my eye on. I just tried to not let her get any further away, but the air felt heavy and I found it hard to breath deep. This is where the splits get a little wonky. At the second mile marker my split was a 7:06! WHAT?!? Okay, I know it was a little downhill, but I was a little skeptical of the placement of the marker.

The last mile had a couple rolling "hills" and finished on a flat back to where we started. At about mile 2.5 a lady in pink passed me and I just had to let her go. I hate that after the fact I wish I fought a little harder to keep with her, but at the time I felt I was giving it all I could. I closed the gap a bit on the girl in turquoise, but couldn't quite catch her. Around the three mile mark I was 'duded' by a 60-year-old that made some comment like, "Start running, this is a race." Yeah, shut up guy. Mile three split - 7:34! Wahoo, I'm going to kill my previous 5K PR!

Where is the finish line? I see it, but that looks way further than .1 miles. My split for the .1 mile that went on forever - 1:30. That equals a 15 minute mile pace. They must have placed the second mile marker wrong and the extra was here at the end, which would make my splits make more sense.

But I still got a PR! My official time - 23:59.

After checking the course on, it seems like it might be a little short, but I'm still going with a PR...the map could be wrong. :-P

My secret goal was to get below 24 minutes and I just squeaked by. Here I am racing to the finish -

I'm moving so fast, I'm a blur! Or we need a new camera. Or the hubby needs practice (in his defense, he was watching both boys at the time too).

Zeke and I
Final placement - 31 out of 109 overall, 5 out of 59 females, and 3 out of 17 in age group (30-39).

It turns out I was only five seconds from beating the girl in turquoise (who was in my age group) and a medal, and seven seconds from third female. Gotta dig deeper!

I'm still waiting to see the official race photos, but wanted to get this recap written. I'll post them when I get them.

After the award ceremony and raffle (missed out on a pumpkin by two numbers), we checked out the rest of Apple Fest, had some popcorn and apple pie, and Zeke enjoyed a tractor barrel ride.

Watching Zeke leave with the year, buddy.
The ride home


  1. You rock! I just PR'd too (25:35)and I have to say, your speedwork workouts have inspired me to do more...

    I felt like I could have gone harder, but I didn't know the course...I really need to get a Garmin or something!

  2. Yahoo! Great job crushing your goal time! Only the start for you, girlfriend!

  3. woohoo way to go! congrats on your PR.


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