Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pure Awesomeness!

That's how I felt after this morning's track workout. Quite a few people were at the track, a couple that I have seen before and a few new ones. It makes me happy that there are so many people in the community that are dedicated enough to get up early and get out there! There is this one older guy that must be in his late seventies who is there whenever I go, walking laps in his jean shorts and suspenders...he's wicked cute. And there was a lady who was wearing some New Balance Minimus shoes who I wanted to ask about them, but she was busy in her workout. By the way, mine come tomorrow and you will get to see what color I chose!

Back to running - I have decided to start training using the FIRST program that I talked a little about here. I'm not using it quite as it is intended, since my next race is September 24th, which means I'm starting the 5K program in week 9 out of 12. Because of that, I am loosely following the assigned paces for the various workouts.

Today's schedule:
10 min. warmup
4 x 1200 w/ 400m rest (each 1200 run in 5:34)
10 min cooldown

I was a tad nervous about running 1200m repeats and running the correct pace. But I KILLED IT!
#1 - 5:34 (right on the nose, baby!)
#2 - 5:29 (oh yeah!)
#3 - 5:30 (I'm on fire!)
#4 - 5:26 (WOO HOO!)

Yeah, I feel AWESOME!


  1. Awesome times!! I sometimes don't follow my training plan to the T. :/

  2. Are you liking the FIRST program? I am just using a generic Runner's World half-marathon plan, but then I have a 5k a few weeks afterwards, so I am not sure what to do!

  3. Great workout! Hope your training goes well!

  4. awesome is right! you rocked this workout! way to go :)

    ps - love that puppy picture, too cute!


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