Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Post Race Run

Ahhhh....  That's an ahhh, like that was great, not AHHHHH as in frustration.

I just ran three miles and they were so enjoyable! My legs felt pretty good, the bricks that were attached during the B2B are gone. I've had a sore spot on my left shin that ached a little in the beginning, but after half a mile it was gone. It was only 62 degrees out and oh so nice! On the way back, a light mist hung over the field at Morris Farm where the cows were out grazing with birds twittering in the trees.
Imagine mist here. Photo courtesy of morrisfarm.org
 That made me smile and enjoy the run even more. And even when thoroughly enjoying my surroundings, I still ran at a 9:05 pace and my last mile was a 8:51! Yay! I definitely needed this! Now if my races could start being more enjoyable...I'll work on that one.

Jen from Running with the Girls sent me a copy of the group picture after the B2B. Thanks Jen!
Jen and her husband, Ward, in the front kneeling. Second row starting on left - Me, Stacy, Jill, Wade, Sarah...this is as much as I can remember...sorry everyone...oh, Christine is in the back row between Wade and Sarah.


  1. Great job getting out there today! I went out yesterday & it was tough! :)

  2. :) Theyre fixing the promo code issue. They set it at 100,and we reached that number. But theyre resetting,should be back up soon. I'll pop by later and let you know when its back up.

    (thanks for giving me a heads up)


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